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This is why I shouldn’t buy expensive lip gloss . . .

One of the first things that comes up when someone talks about my blog to me is Charlotte and her ability to get into everything and anything. It makes people feel happy that they are not me. LOL
I get a lot of “I would be so mad, it’s so awesome that you take pictures instead!”. Let’s just say that my kids get in A LOT more troubling messes than you will ever see on the blog. Those are the times when it wasn’t cute enough for me not to get mad. Like last week when Charlotte took ALL of my good makeup brushes and used them to clean chocolate off of her hands. On my white duvet. That’s the stuff that doesn’t get blogged. LOL But tonight you can enjoy my pain by taking a look at how I found Charlotte earlier this afternoon.

What on earth . . .
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Ahhhh. It all becomes clear . . .
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Her lips do look plump and shiny . . .
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I know that after a hard day of lip gloss application, there is nothing better than passing out on a mini trampoline . . .
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  • Jennifer - That is FANTASTIC !!! Well…not fantastic – but great that you captured such a “moment” !! Her lips look fabulous 😉

  • Anna-Karin - You are such an awesome mom!!!
    Go you for documenting these and seeing the humor in remembering these busy years of child rearing.

  • Annie - Hahahahaha!!! That’s hilarious! Moments like those are the kind you just have to photograph! Thanks for sharing them!

  • Terrilyn - ha ha ha!! Oh my stars! That is perfect!!

  • melissa - love this! makes me feels better about our painted hands/faces/couches!

  • Andie - That is going to make me laugh all day! It will be so fun to show these images to her when she is grown!

  • Brandi - Toooo funny! Being a parent means never having a dull moment. At least it looks like the lip gloss was mainly on skin…that’s a bonus:)

  • Daveen - Priceless!

  • Shellie - lol! It looks like someone got caught red handed !! LOL!

  • Nina Pomeroy - Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Definitely bring out those photos at the rehersal dinner 🙂

  • Natalia - That is so funny!!! I love how you make a whole story and play detective with the camera!!!

  • Brandi - LOL, oh my that is soooo cute and funny!!

  • heather gibb - Oh that is to bad- but darling pic!! On the bright side, amazing color!!

  • Danna - she is the best!!! and you are the best for taking a moment to count to ten and capture the moments instead…lol

  • Julie - LOL!! Better you than me though – I get mad first THEN think about taking a photo. But look at these great memories you have for them.

  • Sarah - OMG….this is hilarious! LOVE it!!

  • jen - hilarious!!! her lips look lovely too! 🙂

  • marie - oh no she didn’t!!!!

  • Lisa Kelly - Hahahaha, how funny that you found her this way. What a sweet little babe she is. Too bad about the lip gloss but I would say these captures make it almost worth it, hehe.

  • Terrah - 🙂 This one made me smile ear to ear.

  • Angela - OMG so cute! So Fun!

  • Sheila - A smile for my face as I get ready to go to bed! Thanks for the cheer lol~~

  • CarrieS - hehe that is tooo cute and something I see far too often at my house!

  • Mark - Wow she sure can make a mess…and look good doing it! You had better lock her up soon though, with that much lip gloss how can the boys stay away! Great shots

  • Larisa - Precious!

  • Laura Reaux - LOL I’m flipping through your blog, admiring your beautiful work, and then THIS. As a mom of 5, it really made me laugh out loud! (Btw, found you through Joy FFing you & me on Twitter)

  • Lee-ann Harder - My son at the same age had a similar moment on my Mother in-laws white bedspread – he’s now 29 and it’s still a topic at family gatherings !!! :)) Good for you for capturing this!!

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