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Yes, more twins in Calgary!

Honest to goodness, I have to say I have NEVER in my life seen more twins than I have in the past few months. And I have TWO more sessions coming up with twins. Holy moly! I think it’s because I used to live with twins when I was in university. I have this sympatico. Actually, we don’t talk anymore, come to think of it. But they are how I met my husband, so there’s that. And also the very first people I met when I moved to Calgary. Ok, enough with the rambling, and on to the photos!

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes twin sessions are hard. There’s not just one baby that you are trying to lull into a deep sleep, there are two. One will fall asleep, then brother will whack him in the face, waking him up. Then brother will fall asleep, and other little man will pee on his leg. On and on it goes. But go it does, and when we wait long enough, BOTH babes will fall asleep and we can get going. This session was a bit on the challenging side, but we ended up with such sweetness from both boys that it was all more than worth it. I also really liked that we were able to get some single shots as well.

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I want to put up the new blog address here again for those that get their updates via email.

***I am out of the office until August 29th. I’ll be blogging, but not returning phone calls or emails until that time. Thanks!***

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  • marie - they are so cute and you did an amazing job…great session here.

  • Jana Kunz - I am so jealous! I love doing twins. I have resorted to making my neighbors come for free to get my fix, LOL. They do come in waves though, bought a year and a half ago I was swamped with them too. These are great though, love them!!

  • HeatherGibb - You did a great job with these. I love the first shot, very unique!!

  • Jessica Gabriel - So glad to see some more of Fresh Sugar… I missed you! You are my ‘fix’ for the ‘awwww’ moments in my life! And the twins are definately an ‘awwww….’ moment! Thank you!

  • Danna - oh what adorable little peanuts….these are so sweet.

  • Kristina - Lovely, gorgeous, stunning, perfect. These babies are simply divine!

  • Daniela - Wow…you did such a great job with twins! The parents must just be thrilled!

  • Katie [shadowplay] - Oh, they are just gorgeous!

    Katie [shadowplay]

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