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Wordy Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to start including more chatting and more life-related stuff on the blog. I tweet, so most of the time I sum up a variety of opinions in a short 140 characters. Lately though I’ve had lots to chat about, so I’ve decided to start Wordy Wednesday.
I’ll probably be doing more chatty blog posts throughout the week, but I am choosing Wednesday as the main one because it comes after Tuesday, and Tuesday has the best tv so I always feel like blathering on about it the next morning.

First up, I have to talk about my new favorite show. Parenthood on NBC. I really have to urge you all to start watching this show as it hasn’t been renewed yet for next season. I don’t usually start watching a show until second season because I have been burned many times with shows I like getting cancelled just when they were getting good. (Studio 60, Freaks and Geeks, Eastwick) But this year I went out on a limb and started watching some new shows – Glee, Parenthood, and Life Unexpected being a few.
Parenthood has an all-star cast which worries me because it can’t be cheap to film. But what a cast it is! Lauren Graham, Peter Kraus, Dax Shephard? Who knew he could act? It’s just such a real, heartwarming show. I’ve laughed AND cried at every episode and each week I get more excited to watch it. I’m really enjoying the storyline about Max and his autism and how everyone is dealing with it. I’m also enjoying Lauren Graham’s new boyfriend (who happens to be John Ritter’s son), mostly because he is super cute and scruffy.

Also on last night was the return of Gleeeeeeeeeeee! I’m definitely a Gleek, I download all the songs from the episodes (little tip, they usually put next weeks songs on iTunes before the show even airs) and love following the quirky characters on the show and their funny one-liners. (Gay sharks, anyone?) Last night’s ep was so highly anticipated by moi though, that it was a bit of a let-down. GASP! Seriously though, did anyone else feel like they crammed WAY too much into one episode? Rachel and Finn are dating, then suddenly she’s in love with Jesse St. James? Mr. Shue is dating Emma, kissing the director of Vocal Adrenaline, breaking up with Emma. Everything seemed just super rushed and didn’t have the same feeling of anticipation that we were used to during the first part of the season. I cannot WAIT until next week though, the Madonna episode! Jane Lynch looked fab in the Vogue video.

I watched American Idol while eating dinner. (I told you it was a big night for tv!). I was so proud of Tim. I really started to like his happy little smile, and his upbeat attitude when the judges were downright mean (Randy). I am glad to see that he has completely turned around their opinion, and hope that he just continues to grow. Lee is still gonna win though. As for who is going home – I still think it might be Michael, who lost me somewhere along the way. Or Katie, who just doesn’t do it for me (or America). I’m afraid it might be Andrew though, like Big Mike – I used to really like him, but he’s just not able to keep his performances interesting enough.

Finally, the other big show last night was LOST. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I finally feel like I am understanding a bit of what is going on. I’m guessing we will find out why Desmond and Jack met at that stadium before, and we’re learning about the “ghosts” on the island. There were two pretty big shockers last night, and that last scene left me sitting there with my mouth gaping open for a good two minutes. I had to watch the trailer for next week with the sound off though, because that song from Willy Wonka is way too freaky. It’s a big bummer that the best episodes of the series are the final ones. I don’t know how I feel about the whole alternate reality aspect, but I am hoping it’s a way for Juliet and Sawyer to have their coffee date.

To get off the TV talk, I was in the Calgary Sun yesterday about my win at WPPI. It was cool to be interviewed, Kelly Doody is super nice and funny. I also had an interview yesterday with FFWD Weekly, the issue will be out tomorrow. They had a photographer come over and take some photos of me. It was fun to talk shop, but incredibly awkward to be on the other end of the lens. We’ll see just how awkward tomorrow I guess, lol!

And finally, Apple announced today that they are delaying the release of the iPad to Canada to the end of May. Considering that we were expecting an April 24th release, it’s a downer. Dave is in Houston this week though, and I am tempted to make him find me one.
I was planning on waiting for the 3G version, but I am seriously jonesing for one right now. I’m like Phil on Modern Family on the last ep – the best line:
Claire: “the store will be getting a new shipment next week.”
Phil: “That’s the worst thing you can say to an early adopter!”

And yes, somehow I managed to bring it back to TV. Did you like how I did that?

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  • Gina K - LOL I love wordy wednesday! I love Tuesday TV as well!

  • Karen McKinnon - Great blog post.
    Loving everything about Parenthood, Peter Krause! It’s my definite fave and is best watched while snug in your bed.

  • Jenna - LOL, you are too funny, I was expecting this to be about photography but of course it is all about TV! LOL. I agree though, good shows, hope they don’t get cancelled. WTG on the Calgary Sun thing, that is freaking awesome and you totally deserve it.

  • breakfasts for toddlers - Very well written I appreciate & must say good job.

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