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If you are even half the procrastinator that I am, you may sometimes find yourself looking at a daunting task and just pretending it’s not there.
That’s kind of what happened with this blog: I realized that I hadn’t written in a month and stuck my head in the sand. Then one month became two and I started having yucky feelings because I had so many sessions, so many things to blog.
I’ve been so crazy busy this fall season, I really needed to focus on getting client orders out the door, but it really is no excuse for such a long absence. All I can say is I do feel terrible, but not for long, because here I am blogging again.
Yippee! (this yippee may just be to myself as I’m not sure if anyone will be coming back here after such a long break, lol)

Anyway, I have a TON of sessions to post. I think over 20? I might need to combine things. I’m almost done with the holiday season, the last orders of the year go out the door this weekend! So that means lots of time to blog. Or read blogs. Or visit Pinterest. But I’ll try to blog. Promise.

Since I am a rebel and a rule-breaker (I’m not at all), I’m not even going to post a session for this post. It’s just going to be about a fun little thing that’s going around my neighbourhood. We were ‘Elfed’, which is exactly like when we were ‘Boo’ed/Ghosted’ last year at Halloween. Except maybe a bit cuter and with more fun presents.

Here’s the link to the most adorable printables that I found:

The girls and I had a great time running around leaving presents on doorsteps. As Charlotte put it: ‘Is this where we ring the doorbell and run away? I LOVE that game!’

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