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I have still lots more session teasers to post this week, but I wanted to share some photos from my weekend and let everyone know what’s coming up.

I am taking off 3 weeks in August. I will be gone from August 11th to September 1st. I will be updating the blog when I can though, because I have some COOL new products to unveil.
New birth announcements, new holiday cards, new albums, new super secret stuff. I can’t wait to share it all with you!
Maybe I’ll sneak peek something later this week if I get my other work done.

Now to the photos. We went out to Kananaskis on Saturday, to the Boundry Ranch. My husband’s company was celebrating its 35th anniversary, so we all got to pretend we were cowpokes for the day.

Here’s Char with my pal Tara – who also works at the company.
child photography calgary

I saw this dude hula-hooping. Would you be jealous if I told you I was married to him?
child photography calgary

Emma is suuuuuuuper excited to go on the hay ride.
child photography calgary

Apparently Charlotte turns a bit evil on hayrides . . .
child photography calgary

Until she gets to play a little touch football.
child photography calgary

Time to go home. We did lots more stuff, but I was actually DOING it instead of taking pics of it. There’s that guy again. Probably thinking about hula-hooping.
child photography calgary

You were wondering where I was? Here I am! Look at how surprised I am that I am getting my photo taken. Even though I am the one taking the photo. Hmmmm.
child photography calgary

Tough day, running a ranch is hard work.
child photography calgary

I would not let this guy drive your kids anywhere, if I were you.
child photography calgary

Ahhhhhh. Now hurry up and get us back to Calgary, Crazy Hula Hoop Man – I am going to be late for the 10:30 showing of The Dark Knight!
child photography calgary

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  • Brandi - lol – oh my, that crazy hula-hooper man has some mad skills.

    I hope you have a great vacation!

  • Brandi - Oh man, I didn’t realize my website was wrong… I had to post again just so you know I’m not some random 😉

  • Alicia Price - OMG, these are all awesome Brandy! The little story behind it all makes it hahaha. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  • corey civetta - Your post made me literally laugh out loud! Love what you captured and all your commentaries. Glad you all had such a fun time!

  • Tobi - Haa…you are just to funny!!! What a great commentary…the pictures aren’t to bad either…Great work as always!!!

  • Jody - These are great – the story is hilarious!

  • Ashley - a) awesome post! loooove the photos as always!
    2) i am the reigning house champ at hula-hoop on WiiFit
    d) have an awesome vacation!

  • jen wilson - These are great! A nice little peek into your *real* life 🙂

  • Danna - good grief you crack me up!!!

    looks like you all had a blast and I am not jealous of your hula hooping man, I have my own hula hooping wii fit star!! lol

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