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We Were Ghosted!

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There’s a neat little thing happening in my neighborhood right now, we were Ghosted!
On Saturday night, our doorbell rang and when we opened it up – all that was there was a bag of treats and a note!

Some areas call it getting “Boo’ed”, some use “Ghosted”. What happens is that you get an anonymous treat from someone, and then you need to go “Ghost” two more neighbors.
Once you’ve been ghosted, you put the note on your door letting others know that you’ve already been ghosted. If everyone plays along, the neighborhood soon has ghosts all over their front doors.

The girls had SUCH a blast making the treat bags and then sneaking up and leaving the bags on our chosen two doorsteps. We went out in the dark as a family, all whispers and giggles – and it was one of the most fun times I’ve had!

If you want to start a “Boo” or “Ghost” chain in your neighborhood, you can check out the following links to download all the info you’ll need. Trust me, this is something that both you and your kids will have a blast doing.


Have fun!

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  • gina - awww I love this! we are going to have to start this up in our neighbourhood!

  • Danna - totally doing this!! thanks for the idea.

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