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Uh, sorry about those shelves . . .

So once in awhile I do stupid things at sessions. One time I was joking around with a family and told their mother:

“you’re just not a pretty face”.

Oh. Dear. God.
I meant to say “you’re not just a pretty face”. I’m pretty sure I heard crickets after that comment. And a couple of tumbleweeds bounced on through the room.

So today was another entry in the my own Hall of Shame. I sat on a shelving unit while taking photos of the baby.
Not realizing the shelving unit was bolted INTO the wall, and not actually on the floor like I thought. So when the whole thing came crashing down, me included, I could have died. It’s too bad someone wasn’t taking MY picture at the time.

So again, to my fabulous, wonderful, amazing clients: forgive me. please. I’m an idiot.

Hey, at least the shots were great today! 😉

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