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Tooting My Own Horn – calgary child photographer

So this past week has had some unique experiences for me. First off, I was interviewed by the awesome Kelly Doody of the Calgary Sun.
You can read her Page Six write-up here It was actually kind of fun to be interviewed, apparently I enjoy talking about myself!

Then I was featured in FFWD Weekly in the Your Face Here section. And yikes – it definitely was my face there, lol! I opened it up and that was one mighty big picture of me! The issue is still on stands until tomorrow, so if you want to see the giant me, go pick up a copy at your favorite coffee shop. You can read the full interview online here.

It’s a bit weird to be in the local media. On one hand – you want to tell everyone you know because, heck yeah – it feels cool to be in there! But on the other hand, it feels weird to be so blatantly promoting yourself. Look at me, look at me, see what I can do! LOL
I basically come from the school of “if I don’t talk about me, who else is going to?” – hence this blog post. Plus my favorite PR friend would have my hide if I didn’t mention it.

So in the spirit of last week’s Wordy Wednesday – I got nothing. I was too tired to watch Parenthood, American Idol bored me, LOST didn’t really do anything new, and my Glee cut off at the end. Maybe I’ll do a Wordy Thursdee tomorrow. You never know what you’re going to get around here, oh no siree.


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