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To Blog or Not To Blog

I am constantly talking, in fact, I even talk to myself. If you are a client, you have probably said “pardon me?” only to have me tell you that I was actually talking to myself. So because I talk so much, I also don’t have a problem with writing. Not that I am a great writer or anything like that, but it doesn’t make me want to throw myself off a building when faced with the prospect.

I love reading blogs, especially funny blogs. I also look at a ton of photography blogs, design blogs, and now I am getting into baking blogs.

Ok, so where am I going with this? I want to blog more. MAYBE sometimes without pictures. I want to talk, I have lots to say – and working from home I don’t have anyone to say it to. I use Twitter, but sometimes what I gotta say is just more than 140 letters, kwim? (That’s “know what I mean” to all you non-texty,forum people)

I have weird little lists all over the house of blogging ideas. In fact, I’ll share one that I see here in Evernote right now. It’s from April:

american idol, parenthood, LOST, Glee
washing my face, juice beauty
dior spray foundation
Emma’s school – garbage-less lunches

Ok, so not really sure if any of those are even remotely interesting, but sometimes I have something I want to say about something, and that’s where the lists come in. I think I actually did write a blog post about the first stuff. Yay me!

Anyway, back to the point. I am GOING to start blogging more. I wrote it big to convince myself. Don’t forget I said, sometimes it will be without pictures. I hope that’s ok. I will try not to make a habit of it. I am doing an iPhone 365 project right now (where you take a photo a day for a whole year) so if worse comes to worse I can always post one of those!

All this comes to me telling all of you that I am going to try something while in Italy. I am not brining my MacBook. I am only bringing my iPad. So I am going to blog every day of my trip with some words and lots of iPhone photos. I think. I hope. I have high hopes for this project, and I think telling you all here and now will keep me honest. Or I will be having too much fun or be too tired each day. We’ll see.

And because I want to hurry up and post this before I erase the whole thing, there’s going to be NO PICTURE. Let me know if it was traumatizing.

PS – There are only 4 spots left in the October mini-sessions. You best be bookin’ now!

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  • Gabi - Traumatized! No pictures booooooooooooooooo! Unless there are going to be pictures I don’t wanna hear about any of them! 😉 BUT if there is going to be pictures you can blog about anything as far as I am concerned! LOL Just kidding Brandi you make me laugh with or without pictures so blog away!

  • Taz - Thank you – I think about doing this all the time. Working from home and not having someone to chatter with all day I get thinking about all the different things I would love to be blogging about – home decor, DIY projects, cooking, tv, my new favorite tunes. I need to get better about blogging consistently, even if its without pictures. More power to ya!

  • Kate - I think blogging is great, and it’s hard when you decide to mix business and pleasure, but also has its benefits. I think it allows clients and potential clients to get to know you a little more 🙂 But I also think it’s important to identify your goal – are you blogging for you or for them? If its for you, then you can do whatever you like! Maybe even have 2 blogs? It’s so confusing, I’m still working it out too 🙂

  • Eve - Oooh, ooh… go with the dior spray foundation! I’ve never heard about it and I’m intrigued! 😀

  • Alison Lassiter - brandy, i love this idea. i’m a fellow photographer and have been toying with the same idea – sometimes i have things to say and no picture to go with it! though your pictures are indeed inspiring (since we’re hosted by the same / best web company i have been following your little journeys and reading your blog religiously), i’ don’t think i’d mind at all knowing your thoughts on dior spray foundation 🙂 i can’t wait to read more! (P.S. i’d love to learn more about your iPhone 365 project. that sounds amazing!)

  • Lisa Kelly - Bring it on!!! I love reading interesting and funny blogs. I love writing too and often can’t find the time. Can’t wait for more.

  • Kate - Hello – Blog away. I’d love to read what you write and hear what you say. Love to know more about your ipad – really on the fence about getting one. Would be great to see how useful you find it. Kate x

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