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The Birthday Party and YESSSSSSS!!!

So we had Emma’s birthday party on Saturday. I have to thank all the guests that battled the snow and ice to come eat some awesome cake and watch a pinata completely fail at being a pinata.

Once again, we got Lisa from Sugar Shack Cakes to make our cake. It was not only yuuuuuummmmmmmyyyy, but she did such an awesome job at decorating, that even Emma made a comment. This is the kid that rips apart live shows because they never look or sound like her characters. So high praise indeed.
Sugar Shack Cake
We also got 6 little mini cakes, that were so cute – decorated like little presents! The kids loved them.
cake and fingers

Emma has one boyfriend. His name is Luke. They met at Ikea. She has eyes for no other.
blowing candles
Charlotte loved the cake.
frosting face
She ate it all up and then went and stole Christmas.
grinchy face
So the birthday party was heaps o’ fun – but nothing compared to the game last night! Whoooo hooooo!
My girls are positive their keen fashion sense helped Kipper with that shutout.
Flames outfits

It was a great weekend, and nice to relax a bit before the craziness of the next few months. The next available session is at the end of May, so make sure you book now – those spaces won’t be open for long. 🙂
Go Flames Go!

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  • Michelle Walker - Awww, wonderful! Happy Birthday!

  • Danna - awww look at all that icing…lol

  • Klo - haha, the ones with all that green icing over her face are great.
    Happy birthday!

  • Lisa Kelly - I just love the cake, so original. And your birthday girl is just gorgeous and so is her little sister.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Reb - Happy Birthday to beautiful Emma!

  • Tobi - What a great mom you are!!! Those little cakes are so cute!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Emma!!!

  • Deanna - awe…Im sad that we were busy up here..I know that Emma and Rylee would just love each other! what a great CAKE!!! I wonder if she ships to Red Deer? LOL!

    who is kipper?

    LOL just kidding!

  • Dawn - Oh man, I can’t believe she’s 5. 🙁 They grow up SO fast. I love that cake, SO cute!!!

    Happy Birthday Emma!

  • Carrie Steffe - Hope she had a wonderful birthday! That cake looks yummy!

  • Susan Braswell - What a great cake, colors everything!!

    Happy Birthday!

  • andrea - ooooh, love the new blog brandy!!

    and happy birthday to your big girl — those cakes look SOOOOO good!

  • June - These are so sweet (ha, no pun intended)! That cake is amazing and everything is so bright and cheerful!

  • marie - they look like they had a blast!!

  • Daveen - these will be fabulous reminders of a special day! love that cake!!!!

  • Chantelle Bliss - what an amazing cake!!!!! Happy Birthday to your little girl, looks like a great time was had by all!

  • Jenna Slomp - Awww Happy Birthday Emma!!! What a beautiful cake! And your kids look so cute covered in it!

  • Joyce Smith - What a fabulous party! Love all the color and, of course, those Backyardigans! 😉

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