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The best photographers you haven’t heard of . . . yet!

I was recently involved in a conversation about current children’s photographers in the world today. About how there are a few names that get mentioned over and over again, and although very well deserving and wonderful people (some are friends), it’s time to shine some light on some other, just-as-talented but not as-well-known photogs.

So here is a small smattering of some of my fave photographers across the globe. And while you may not have heard of them just yet – they are poised on breakout superstar status.
I can’t wait.

Philadelphia’s Joyce Smith Photography is such a unique voice in children’s photography right now. She’s innovative and always seems to be looking at the world from a different perspective.

Marie Cox is the owner of Phreckles Photography in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her work is fun, bright, colorful. She is an absolute design genius – I love her modern, fresh twist on everything.

New York and New Jersey photographer Tara McGlinchey first caught my eye with her beautiful portraits of her curly-haired daughter, but now I love to see her new client work. Her style is clean and beautiful, but also real and emotional.

Forever Captured Photography is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is one of the hardest working photographers that I know. Owner Sheila Buhr is constantly evolving and learning. I love watching her trying new things – and her wedding and engagement stuff is breathtaking.

I wanted to list a lot more, but I want each photographer to be fully appreciated, so I think I’ll stop there for today. I will add some more favorites next week. 🙂

Oh, and because I promised a sneak peek of the new cards – here’s just from the Granola Baby birth announcement line. These will be available next month. Lots more are coming – and some GREAT holiday cards too!

Calgary Baby Birth Announcements

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  • Julie - You couldn’t be more right about the names you mentioned. I peaked at all their websites and their work is stunning—as is yours. 🙂

  • jen wilson - YES!!! They are all fantastic *unsung heroes* So cool of you to do this Brandy – but you should have added your OWN name to the list – I lovey our stuff 🙂


  • Season Moore - Yes! All fab chicas like yourself!

  • lisa - i second the motion…all fabulous photographers! and this ‘designer baby’….just stellar!


  • Adrienne - I *LOVE* all the photographers you mentioned Brandy! I especially love the work of Marie Cox… first saw her on twopeas, she is amazing!

  • Kelli - They are all amazing, as are you.

  • Kristina - Yes, they are awesome! We were honored to have Marie do a session for our family last fall and she was AMAZING. Great post!

  • Joyce - Oh, what a kind, kind thing to say!! You have made my WEEK, girl. You know I find your work so inspiring . . . . Love this announcement. What can’t you do? 🙂

  • Heather Rivlin - What a great idea to showcase your favorite photographers! It is always neat to see who inspires those who inspire us, and I think it is a great cross-blog promotional idea too! You so smart lady 🙂

  • Jen Breton - I love your list, Brandy, but yeah, add yourself! 🙂

  • Marie - Me?? No way…you are just way to sweet and you so need to be on that list…you ro ck my friend 🙂

    I love everyone of the girls you mentioned…

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