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The Baby Powder Incident

Something happened at the Anderson household tonight. While I was innocently trying to watch 90210, my children were being awfully quiet. I should have gone to investigate, but I couldn’t – Adriana was about to go and confess that the cocaine was really hers! That was a big mistake. Pretty darn big, actually.

Had I gone to investigate sooner, this is what I would NOT have found:

The crime scene:

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The weapon:

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And the culprits:

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That last one of Charlotte reminds me of the Albino from The Princess Bride. So much so that I had to do a comparison shot. Their hair is even the same! See:

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And for those of you out there that don’t think of taking photos when your children do something this horrifying, be glad. Because once you pull out that camera to document what your eyes can’t even believe they are seeing, your children somehow assume that it is okay to smile!

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Normally this kind of post would be funnier, but I waited to blog about it until I was no longer mad, but then I was too tired to be witty. Next time I get a situation of this proportion I will be sure to be much more humorous. Goodnight from the house that now smells distinctly like Cabbage Patch Kids.

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  • Stacy - LOL I’m so sorry this happen but my goodness this is funny! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica Gabriel - I am glad your kids are okay! I heard about a story where the kids actually died because the powder filled their lungs – so sad 🙁
    My 3 year old boy emptied two bean bags of all their strofoam balls – 2 inches thick all over the basement! And I had to try and corral my crawling baby from eating them!… but somehow managed to capture it on film too!
    Then he started picking them up one by one and saying ‘I really helpful mommy’…. grrrrr!

  • Deanna - OMG hahahhaha thats so funny…im kinda scared at how much Char does look like that albino….snort…

    good mommy to get the shots!

  • Brandi - omg, rofl!!! The albino-princess bride comparison is just too funny!

  • Jenna - Oh my gosh this is toooo funny!!! I know it’s not for you but one day you will look back and laugh!! Your girls are hilarious. I cannot believe how old Charlotte looks!!

  • Anna-Karin - oh my goodness what a mess.
    They are kind of cute though and I am really glad you documented this moment. I know you will be glad for that later.

    My son once painted our living room sofa with red liquid tempra paint while I was nursing his brother in the room next door. He was making a fire truck he claimed…..
    So I do feel your pain.

  • Shelley - That is the funniest EVER! My sister and I did that when we were kids and had a bad it was at a friends house! HAHA.

  • jen - Too funny!! I love their little faces and the albino comparison is hilarious!!

    jen 🙂

  • Kirstie - I don’t know how you managed to pull out your camera and take the time to document it but I’m so glad you did. I love the photo of the bed. This is hilarious, only because it’s not my house. 🙂 I love your reference to cabbage patch kids so funny. WOW what a night in your house. I can’t imagine a harder job than parenting at least you can see the humour in it and share it with everyone.

  • Julie - That is WAY too funny. Especially the comparison shot. You are too hillarious!! My sister has pictures of her son crushing eggs, dumping whipping cream, writing on the walls… you name it- it’s documented.
    And, I can totally understand how a break from 90210 was not possible. It’s so bad it’s good.

  • Mandy - This is priceless! I love that albino now that he’s been compared to someone less scary like your little one. Great site!

  • hedy berg - you are hilarious! this is the first time I’ve visited your blog and now I have to come back regularly!

  • Jana Kunz - ha-ha, that is something my kids would do. When my oldest was 3 he dumped a bottle of chocolate syrup all over my living room carpet one early morning – you can probably still see the steam coming out of my ears!! LOL

  • stacey woods - oh my goodness i think i just woke up my family from laughing so loudly. that is absolutely hilarious. good for you for documenting it. now when your GIRLS have children, you will have real proof to show them what they’re in for pretty soon. 😉

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