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Just one sneak peek for today. I’m working on this family session from earlier this month, and should have more to share in the next couple of days!

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  • Alicia - omg, I LOVE this!!! If that was baby #1 those parents would be looking at nothing but the crying baby, but by baby #3, well, it’s just baby #3. hahahaha Perfection!!!

  • Carol - As the mother of 3 myself, that really is life!! Amazing image!! I LOVE it!!

  • Jim Larkin - Oh my. I am not sure you could have done anything to make this more perfect. This is an incredible shot. I stared at it for 30 seconds, just taking it all in.

  • Allison F. - OH the perfect ‘big brother’ image too. All around a really moving image. So perfect and true. Well done.

  • Small Wonder - This is my favourite kind of family photo, because it captures what a family is all about.

  • Anna-Karin - This is so real and any parent with more then one kid can relate to this. Love it!!!

  • Heather - It’s absolute perfection!!!

  • Lisa Kelly - Yep it sure is life, what a “true” image, I love it.

  • Lauri - This is SO FUNNY! What a capture!

  • Kelly - so true. What a great capture… real life. gorgeous!

  • Nina Pomeroy - Honestly, these are my favorite kind of family shots. They show REAL LIFE!

  • ally - i don’t think this could be more perfect. big brother’s expression is priceless & composition amazing!

  • Cari Long - Perfection! You can’t get more real than this!

  • allie - This cracks me up in the most adorable way. What a treasure this image will be!!

  • Ruth Williams - LOVE!!!!!!

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