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That’s not a toe!

Haha, sorry for the cryptic title for this post, but it was a phrase from this newborn session that STILL cracks me up.
Considering that I often shoot little nakey newborn babies, you can probably figure it out. And no, I can’t show the image that inspired the wisecrack. LOL

This is the wonderful, happy, gorgeous, loveable family from this maternity post. I was so excited to see them again and meet their new little cutie.
I was definitely not disappointed, they were so fun and incredibly gracious – letting me destroy their kitchen with some moss that I bought in BC. Yes, I’m a sucker that BUYS moss.

I have a ton of images for their gallery, and don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, so I am sharing just a few here, and one that makes me giggle so hard. Big brother reallllllllly loves the new baby!

PS – Just like the posts before this, you can earn this family an awesome free gift by commenting here on the blog. 20 comments will do it!

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Eek, eek, eek. I just love this shot. Cuuuuute!

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That's some hair-swirly-goodness right there, folks.

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Love him. Can't you just see what an awesome big bro he will be?

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Streeeeeeeetch! Pssst - there's the moss!

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And last, but certainly not least . . . HAHAHAHAHA! It just cracked me up all over again!

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  • Jennifer G - I can totally understand why! What a great picture!

  • Virginia - Oh that last image is fantastic! They’re all beautiful Brandy.

  • Megan - I love all of them! I can’t wait to see the gallery. Love the title of the post 🙂 and the last photo cracks me up too! Thank you so much Brandy for another wonderful session with you!

  • Kristie Chadwick - Adorable, all of them. I just love the hair swirl 🙂

  • kathryn - aww I love them. Every one is beautiful Megan:)

  • Jacquie - The pictures are wonderful , What a beautiful family could not choose they are all so good!! Talented Photography!

  • Kyla Feschuk - absolute perfection !

    cute, emotion, sharp, good composition, did I mention cute?

    K 🙂

  • Ange Byers - WOW! great stuff! Last one is great! Get in there buddy lol

    Super cute!

  • Kristie M Meyer - I lol’d at that last pic. So cute.

  • amanda - great pics

  • Cassandra - Great photos! Love the one of the two boys together, so cute. I heard about “that’s not a toe” from Megan, too funny 🙂

  • Yolanda Weltzin - Wow these photos are just incredible! The boys look perfect! Megan congrats!!!

  • Michele - Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Katie - Absolute Perfection! I cannot wait to see the rest of them! Hahahah, I love the last one…. and I cannot wait to hear the story that initiated the title of the post

  • Angell - Wow, I so love all these pictures I would love to see more too!!!! Such a beatiful family.

  • Daniel - Great photos, can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Tamara - Love the pictures, both of the kids look wonderful 🙂

  • Courtney - Gorgeous! The last one is my favourite – totally cracked me up. What a good big brother Wyatt is.

  • melissa fowler - Megan he is sooo beautiful, wow i am so happy for you

  • Breana - Both of your boys are adorable, great pictures!!

  • Nichole Tobin - Beautiful photos, what gorgeous little boys they are!!

  • Nichole Tobin - Beautiful photos, what gorgeous little boys they are!!

  • Alexis - They are amazing pictures!!! Two beautiful boys!!!!

  • Alexis - What amazing pictures!! : )

  • Aimee - gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family! absolutely LOVE them!

  • Crystal Mckay - hair swirl pic. beautiful.

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