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Thank You.

I just have to interrupt our WPPI series to write this post. I have been completely BLOWN AWAY by the response to My 25 Biggest Mistakes article. The amount of comments posted here on the blog, on Facebook, in message boards and to me personally in emails have been so amazingly powerful to me. It sounds kind of silly, but I have really been overcome with emotion seeing such positive responses.

It’s been a great lesson to me, and maybe can be to you as well. Honesty rules. You all responded the way you did because my article was honest, and it made me realize that the less pretension the better! I’m pretty much WYSIWYG both online and with my clients, but I have sometimes held back a bit in the past.

In all of this excitement over the blog post, (seriously, we have quadrupled our readership this week) one common theme kept popping up. A bunch of people told me that I was in for some great karma. Then I heard it again yesterday. And as with karma, you kind of think of it as some far away time, maybe even another life when you reap the reward. But imagine my surprise when I learned this morning that I was in for a huge karmic payback!

I’ve been listed as one of the Top 20 in Rangefinder/WPPI’s Fresh Faces contest. My image of my daughter Emma’s first day of school is #14. It just goes to show you what a lucky shot and some good karma can get you! I’d appreciate any votes that anyone wants to throw my way. I don’t care how dorky it sounds – heck yes, I want to WIN! The prize is a spread in Rangefinder and a possible cover. Seriously, who wouldn’t want that? So vote for me if you like the image, or vote for someone else’s if you like it better. Just go vote for someone, because it will probably mean the world to whomever wins!

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One final note about the emails I received. They were so heartfelt and sincere that they really inspired me. I’ve recently discovered Jasmine Star (I know, where have I been hiding?) and when I thought about how much the emails that I got meant to me, I figured that no matter how “famous” a photographer got, who doesn’t like hearing that they had a positive effect on another human being? So I wrote her a dorky little note telling her how much I admired her honesty and positive attitude. Class act that she is, she wrote me back the very next day and told me that my email made HER day!

So I’m asking all of you to take a moment to think about who inspires you and to drop them a note. I guarantee that it will mean the world to them. And what goes around, comes around.

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  • Domenica - This went in the wrong post box (I need to stop multitasking), so here goes again:
    First,that is a rad picture. So, congrats! Such a classic moment. And, I got to tell you (in person) at the risk of feeling like a total dork how you inspired me. So THANK YOU, again! 🙂 PS- I heart Danna too. 🙂 Thanks for keeping it real, girls!

  • courtney - I voted girl!!! Congratulations and good luck!

  • Suki Zoe - Dork #7 – thank YOU for your inspiration, wisdom, talent & sharing yourself. Gorgeous photo!! x

  • Petra King - Totally not surprised by all the comments and thank you’s. This was such an inspiration to read as I know it hit home with a LOT of us! Thank you again, off to vote and I just love this image, best of luck!

  • Jennifer - Good luck Brandi!!!

  • Amy Hoogstad - Voted. Hope you win!!

  • Suzzanne Dockendorf - I already voted for this photo earlier today, not really checking to see who it was by and just saw your post and realized it was you! I love it, such a cool shot. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring me!

  • Keegan Hobson - I had read your blog before, and enjoyed it, but when I read your list of 25 biggest mistakes I was hooked! I really appreciated that article, you did a great job. And congrats on the Rangefinder submission! I just voted for you!

    Best of luck!


  • Robyn Oakenfold - You ROCK Brandy!! I had no doubt that that post would be so popular. Honesty like that is so amazing!! I actually saw the link this morning posted on a forum I frequent!! And good luck on the contest… I voted!

  • Kirstie - Voted! Your image really stands out. It is my favourite image of yours. I just love it.
    This post is really inspiring as was your 25 biggest mistakes. Very brave, honest, sincere and heartfelt. I love what you are creating here.

  • Jasmine* - You’re TOO FAB!! This picture is amazing and it deserves to win!! 🙂


  • Jennifer Burns - Your photo is truly the most natural and real. I voted, goodluck!
    You are a total inspiration, your 25 mistakes was awesome and totally true!

  • Melissa - CONGRATULATIONS!!!I know I saw that photo somewhere! And congrats on hearing from Jasmine Star! Awesome work both of you have and deserve the accolades you recieve!
    P.S. I truly believe in Karma too! 🙂

  • Niki - You are about the only blog that I subscribed to RSS. And I love it that I get all the new entries via email and so don’t miss a single one because all of them I enjoy. You inspire me. I hope to have enough money soon to be able to pay for your mentoring. Would love that!

  • Deirdre - I didn’t respond to your first post because there were SO many comments, and I couldn’t imagine mine would mean any to you, but now that you post this, I feel I should say something. I was one who stumbled upon your blog through that post and fell in love with your work and blog and added you to my RSS feed. I am not a pro — I am just thinking about maybe selling some of my photos. Maybe. Your post showed me that even the pros are human, and do make mistakes. It pushed me ever so slightly toward having more self-confidence in myself, and that’s saying a lot. Just wanted to add my appreciation.

  • Kathy Douglas - Congratulations! I hope you win!
    I also enjoyed the very honest article on mistakes you’ve made, especially #16! I thought I was the only one that thought that way! Thank you and now I’m headed off to vote for your image

  • shauna maness - seriously, FANTASTIC shot… and you will have my vote! thanks for the sweet comment, i really do look forward to sipping my coffee and checking out your world- thanks for sharing the love & your journey… it’ s so refreshing to discover open books.

    much, much, great love.


  • Eva - Great read. And AMAZING shot. My little guy goes to school next year and I know that with a shot like this it would be framed on a wall forever. A little girl going off into a big big world!! I am inspired!!

  • Erika Blunt - I’m not one to visit blogs/leave comments very often anymore but I just wanted to say Congrats!!!! I really hope you win!! What an awesome shot! I just read your 25 biggest mistakes post too, love it!

  • Chrystal - Will vote for real! Wow you are great and you along with Jasmine, Pioneer Woman and a TON of other blogger-photogs are a real inspiration to me and prob innumerable other newbies!
    You all keep us going and give us inspiration to find who we really are and mix up our own brand of greatness!
    I would love to one day look back and remember how it started and know I have come a long way and know that maybe now I am an inspiration to a few newbies!
    And you know I think I will start making the comments that I think when I read every ones posts. I too have had the thought “well one more comment from little old me won’t be noticed” but then again maybe it will!

  • Kelli Kalish - I Love this photo!

  • Vickey Weiss - soooo awesome! cograts!

  • Elise - Aww, that made me tear up! I was one of many comments on that blog post and have to say again that it made my day. With your honesty, you lifted so much weight off my shoulders! A light came on, “Wait a second, I’m not the only person who’s done this or thought that?!” It was pretty awesome. This post is too. Love your blog and your photography! I have serious aspirations to be as awesome a photographer as you are some day!

  • Angela - Oh this photo is beautiful! How did you get on in the competition?

    Love your blog. Very inspiring to little old me who lacks in confidence!!

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