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Isn’t She Lovely?

I had the most awesome time with this maternity session last weekend. She was fun, vivacious and so willing try anything I suggested. Oh, and did I mention that she’s gorgeous? I had a rockin’ time with her and I can’t wait for the newborn session in April!

Win a $500 gift certificate!

For those that don’t get the Fresh Sugar newsletter (why the heck not? sign up at the top right of this blog) you might not know about the awesome contest the Babyvibe is holding. They are giving away a $500 gift certificate to Fresh Sugar, for the photo session of your choice! Are you


Just one sneak peek for today. I’m working on this family session from earlier this month, and should have more to share in the next couple of days!

Just gotta pinch those cheeks!

Just a teaser today, this was from my last session of 2008, last week. Two beautiful babies, with squishy, pinchable cheeks. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is my last post on the blog before the big MAKEOVER it’s getting. It’s actually almost done, but my

Giving is AWESOME!

I’m so happy to announce I’ve joined forces with some amazing photographers across the globe. You can take a look at everyone participating at You know someone. You know someone who’s experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids

Want a holiday card? Well, do ya, punk?

***UPDATE – They are all gone. Man you guys sure do love some Christmas cards!*** Guess what? I have 20 client cards here that I am sending out to the first 20 extremely lucky people who email me their addresses. I say lucky because the cards rock this year. Seriously.

My yearly trek to Lake Bonavista

I say trek only because I live so far north we joke that it’s always Christmas here. Ahhhh, Calgary. I first met Carrie when she only had Matthew, but since then I’ve done a newborn shoot, her baby was a model for me for the March of Dimes, and now again we hung out to do a family

A little sneaky peek

I’ve just got one tiny post tonight, it’s showcasing some of the new stuff that’s going to be unveiled in the new year. I’ve wanted to show everyone everything for a couple months now, but being so busy this fall season I haven’t had the time. I will tell you this

I’m cheating

I took the weekend off, and then got tied up tonight, forgetting about the blog until I was lying in bed. But because I love you and want you to be happy, I got up (ok, sat up) and starting typing away (or possibly looking at So look up at the headers above this post. I put

We got SO lucky

This is a wonderful family that has been with me since the very beginning. Teresa is a gorgeous mom who I am so fortunate to have as a client because she tells all her awesome friends about me. It’s been a fun group of ladies I’ve managed to meet, all thanks to her. We were all set to

Pregnancy becomes her

I see lots of beautiful pregnant women, and they really do have a glow. But I have to say that this particular mama-to-be had something extra. She was radiant. And carrying twins. I did not know that the two things could possibly go together, because I would certainly be tired and crabby. But Carla

love love love

I’ve said it plenty of times, and I will probably say it plenty more. I love love love my job. I really, really love it when I get to have sessions with the 6-8 month’ers. It’s my absolute favorite age, hands down. These little people have such big personalities and I get to have


I just love these people. Truly. I loved hanging out with them, they are awesome at joking around and being at ease. And now they have two new little people who are going to grow up as relaxed and sweet as they are. Oh, and they’re going to have cool taste like their parents too. PS


This is totally a cool house. I liked it so much that I wrangled a second visit! I loved little Max, whether he was awake or asleep, and lucky us, we got some of both. It was such a treat to meet his family, and see their beautiful house. Did I mention their cool house? Forgot to mention:

Patience. (or stubbornness?)

Haha! I am very lucky to have great friends who sometimes think I am pretty great too. This session was a gift certificate bought from a friend, who in turn gifted it to *her* friend. It’s like Pay It Forward, except I get paid for it. LOL! Anyway, this session started out kind of slow, the

Fall in Calgary

Remember when the leaves were a golden yellow? When the air was crisp, but the sun was warm? Yeah, me neither. Apparently I have photographic evidence though, as this session must have taken place during those 3 days before it dropped below zero and all the leaves blew away, lol. It was the perfect

Little Red-headed Cutie

I had a wonderful time a few weeks ago driving out to Elbow Valley, just west of Calgary. Such a beautiful place, I really didn’t want to leave. So much so that I told my husband we had to move there, lol! This was a wonderful family with a beautiful home and kind hearts. Little Grace was

Little Apple Twins

Remember the twin maternity session with the apples? These are the little sweeties that came out of that adorable belly. I have tons more from this session to share, but I couldn’t resist to pop on and just post one real quick. I have friends that are twins, and one is much smaller than her

Newborn Sweetness

I’m behind in my blogging, and had to add this little dreamboat. He was so good and sleepy, the session was a breeze!

Urban Mini Session Sneak Peek!

Whew! I busted my behind to get these up before I leave for Vegas. (My flight is at 6am, which means I’m leaving my house at 4am – that’s just not right) I have lots and lots to say about the mini sessions down at Eau Claire Market, but I will try to make it short and sweet.

More gorgeous Calgary kids!

This was such a fun session for me! The kids were absolutely awesome, so fun and playful. Their mom was super fun too, we joked and giggled quite a bit during the afternoon. It was a beautiful day in Calgary, and I couldn’t have spent it at a better place.

Mini Session Reminder

I am so excited about the amount of interest for the Urban Mini Sessions. Since so many of you have expressed interest, I wanted to tell you that time is running out! There is limited availability left for this exclusive offer. All of the morning sessions are now filled, and now there are only a

Twin Maternity

Haha! So more twins, but this time they are on the inside. Actually, they’re on the outside now, but these photos are all maternity. I’ll post the newborn session after it takes place. This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve had. Mom was absolutely up for ANYTHING, Dad was

Spoonful of Sugar Mini Sessions

I’ve missed everyone in blog-land lately, I’ve been away in North Carolina for the past week. I’m back in Calgary now and I have lots and lots to tell you all, but I wanted to get this up right away, as I have had many requests for family/kid sessions for the holidays. I only

Gorgeous family

Here’s a session from back in July that I just loved. Mom had a slammin’ body from being an exercise instructor, Dad was gorgeous and willing to take his shirt off and lie on the bed, sister was a beauty who loved to pose for me, and little brother was a dream newborn – nice and

Newborn cutie

This session is from a few weeks ago. I am slowly getting things caught up, and the blog is getting caught up too. Slowly. It was another one of those super fun sessions, and little baby Megan was the perfect model. Lots of laughing, a little bit of sleeping, and tons of love.

More twins!

Lots of twins being born in Calgary lately! I have another twin session this week, and yet another in a few weeks time, provided they stay in that long! These little lovelies were so sweet and calm, it was such a joy to work with them. I love how twins are just so content to snuggle with one

Fresh Idea Twin Session

Back in February, the Fresh Idea was a call out for newborn twins. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and her adorable babies on Saturday. The babies were so content and happy, and it was a fantastic session. These two little cuties were up for anything, and just so happy to be snuggled together.