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Super Cute with her Point and Shoot

Emma the photographer

Ahhhh. My little budding photographer. She’s super cute with her point and shoot, it’s always fun (and sometimes a little embarrassing) to see life from a 5 year old’s perspective.
So with no further ado, Emma’s photos from the Bahamas and Florida!

Her sister – not so keen on the paparazzi:

Charlotte being mad

You gotta feel for the kid if this is really her view:

My butt

A lovely shot of Em and Mom:

Emma and Mom

Dad walking down the hall:


Love her angles!


Mom at work:

Mom at Work

Group shot, and I have to tell you she set this entire shot up herself, even telling us where to sit:

Emma sets up group shot

What photographer doesn’t love a good foot shot?


Ok, even photographers get tired of the camera sometimes:

Brandy tired of the camera

Love how perfectly she captured my growing impatience while waiting for the shuttle:


And finally, another mom and Em pose:

Mom and Em

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  • Caitlin Domanico Photography - OMG This is just too cute! I loved reading this before work:)

  • Danna - OMG Brandy these are so so fun. I am laughing so hard at the shots of you waiting for the shuttle, I have tears……she is brilliant I tell ya, just like her mama!!

  • Brandi - How cool is that!! Emma is quite the photographer 🙂

  • Jenna - this is so much fun!! It’s great to see the world through Emma’s eyes. What a great blog post.

  • Jamie Sampson - so cute and funny! Love the post!

  • Anna-Karin - Ha ha these are so much fun!
    This is exactly what my kids do as well. We have plenty of close ups of our dogs eye or certain body parts. I love how their little minds think when they take a photograph and you get to see what they captured.
    The tapping finger is holarious!

  • Anna Mayer - Ha ha! These are great.

  • Kristina - That is just awesome! I love it!

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