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Shopaholic to the Stars

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I’ve finally finished Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella so I can review it. It took me a lot longer than these types normally take, I think it just didn’t have the same fun and interesting storyline that her earlier books did.

In this go-round, Becky seems less quirky and adorable and more irritating. Becky, Luke and Minnie move to Los Angeles for Luke’s work, so Becky decides she is going to be a stylist to the stars. Which is actually one of the only things in the novel that makes sense, given her background and Luke’s connections.

Alicia is back for no reason other than to cause minor strife, and her appearance makes little sense. Suze and Tarkie are also in the book, they come for a visit and both lose their minds. Becky’s Dad also comes out and acts weird. Basically it’s one long book about how LA makes people bonkers and they need to rediscover who they are.

What really bothers me is the unresolved ending. I won’t post any spoilers but don’t expect to have any sort of satisfaction at the end of the book – she makes you feel like this book was just one long set up for the next one!

As in all her other books, there is some humour – but this time it just doesn’t seem fresh or all that funny.
I am a completist (which causes me to do terrible things like finish all three 50 Shades books) so I will continue to read the Shopaholic series. But I think there are many better chick lit books out there – especially by UK authors. I love Marian Keyes (who also happens to have a new novel out) so if you liked Sophie Kinsella in the past I would give her a whirl.

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