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She’s 5!

I had a bittersweet day yesterday – my little girl turned 5! Those 5 years seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye.
I found myself tearing up yesterday in Toys R Us when the Stevie Wonder song “Isn’t She Lovely” started playing in the store.
My kid is growing up too fast – when faced with the decision of going to Horton Hears a Who or the mall, she chose THE MALL!
Although she is a chip off the ol’ block there. LOL

Thought I’d just post some of my favorite photos of her throughout the years.

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  • Tobi - Oh Brandy, she is so sweet!!! I have one turning 4 in a few days and I know what you mean about it being bittersweet!!

  • Susan Braswell - Happy Birthday!! LOL at the 2nd and last. Your color is stunning Brandy
    Have a great weekend.

  • Joyce - Aww!! She *is* lovely. So bittersweet. I want to cry and mine is not even 4 yet!

  • kathy wolfe - OHMY! she is adorable!!! LOVE THESE SHOTS!! I know a handsome 4 1/2 y.o. we might be able to fix her up with – hint hint!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!!

  • jen wilson - Awww – she is so cute! I **LOVE** the cross-eyed shot – how fun:) My little girl is three, but I just noticed today she has *girl legs* instead of baby legs – she’s growing up and you are right, it is so bittersweet!

  • Danna - she is seriously one of my most favorite kids ever…… Happy Birthday Emma!! Wish I could have made it to your party, eat some cake for me….

    Brandy – did she really choose the mall?? lmao that must have been a very proud moment for you 😀

  • Stacy - Aww! Happy Birthday little one! Love them, that second one is just to funny! Enjoy the moments with her, t hey just grow so fast!

  • Kristina Whitman - AWE! She is a doll! And I know *exactly* how you feel. 5 is a HUGE age in a kid’s life (and a mom’s!).

  • Sherial - Happy Birthday to your little one! I love the expression in the last image.

  • emily - beautiful work! I love your color…

  • Meggan - AWWW! Happy birthday to her! I don’t blame her for the choice of going to the mall – what girl doesn’t love to go shopping!

  • Angela - My little one is turning four in July, I can totally relate. She’s beautiful Brandy!

  • PattiS - What an adorable birthday girl!
    That second one makes me smile. 🙂

  • Anna-Karin - She is beautiful!

  • ritz rivera - LOL, love #2, how cute is that!!! I can surely see why these are you favs, wonderful captures!!!

  • Mary Beth - She is too darned adorable! The crossed eyes made me laugh out loud! Beautiful, colorful & modern as always.

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