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Scarlet Charlotte

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Last Sunday Charlotte came home from a sleepover and was exhausted. No different from a normal sleepover, but this time her voice sounded hoarse and she had a few spots on her face. As the day progressed, she developed more and more pimple-like spots on her cheeks and the top of her lips. Her throat hurt and she had a headache.

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Come Monday morning, she was feverish and completely lethargic. We ended up getting her into the dr that afternoon – worried because of the strange rash, that had now moved to her neck. He thought it was most likely viral and would run its course, but did a strep swab anyway.

strep throat / scarlet feverPin Itstrep throat / scarlet feverPin Itstrep throat / scarlet feverPin Itstrep throat / scarlet feverPin It

Tuesday morning her rash had progressed to her arms and legs and strangely – where she had any scratches. Her tongue looked exactly like the ‘strawberry’ tongue that google associates with Scarlet fever. Back to the dr we went, where the dr was a little more on the strep side of things than before. Her rash was starting to feel rougher and more sandpaper-y.

Finally today we got the call that the strep test came back positive and it is indeed Scarlet fever. (I mean come on, who even gets that anymore? I had lunch with friends and they all joked about Little House on the Prairie!) If you are wondering, Scarlet fever is a bacterial illness that develops in some people with strep throat. I’m posting all her sad and gross photos because some of her symptoms didn’t really fit Scarlet fever right away, so if it ever helps anyone else wondering – I’d be very happy.

We picked up her prescription and she should be able to go to school on Monday, after missing a full week. Strep is no joke! I should also give a shout out to my message board friends – they knew it was strep since early Monday morning. Moms are the best!

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  • Katie @ Freckled Latte - Awww, poor Charlotte! 🙁 Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know people still got scarlet fever. I hope she feels better soon!

  • Juliet - Thank you so much for this. All the pictures of the rash online are overly dramatic and I wasn’t sure if it applied to my 20 month old but after looking at our pictures, I am like 90% he has scarlet fever and will be taking him in to see his doctor. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Brandy Anderson - I’m super glad this could help! Our dr didn’t think Scarlet Fever at first either, I think he was surprised when the strep test was positive!

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