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This Sandwich Changed Me

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I had the best sandwich experience of my life. Since getting pregnant with Max, I have been VERY interested in food. Not a “foodie” type – just a hungry type! For example, the last few weeks of pregnancy I was hitting Ricky’s All Day Grill to have a strawberry Belgian waffle with a side of perogies. I have those kinds of tastes.

We went over to Market Mall today and I noticed a new place at the food court. We hadn’t been to the food court much in the past few months – I was always so tired being pregnant that I wanted a sit-down restaurant. It looks like Chachi’s opened up last July, but it was new to me today!

I tried the Pork W/ Mac – pulled pork, sweet chili bbbq sauce topped with mac and cheese. Holy hannah, that was some kind of magical combination. I am both saddened and relieved that I didn’t know about this sandwich when I was still pregnant. I would have been eating 3 a day and weighing in at 500lbs.

I have thought a lot about this sandwich today, and I feel that I am in a very difficult situation now. When I go back – will I have the same sandwich or try a new one?

If you haven’t been under a rock like me and have eaten at Chachi’s – what is your favourite sandwich? Let me know what to try next!

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