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Ahhhhh, I am still in the middle of holiday orders – sending orders to the lab, packaging items, shipping and meeting clients.
But in between all of those things (and sessions, ballet, gymnastics, school, etc) I’ve been obsessing about redecorating our living room.

People always ask me why I travel so much. It’s because I can’t stand my house, haha! We’ve been here for 8 years, and it was our “starter” home. We keep talking about moving, but we know we need to stick it out here for a couple more years so we can find or build the place of our dreams.

So my big plan is to stop dreaming about some dream house in the future and make my own home a place that I love.

I’ve been poring over different design blogs, local and international furniture websites, etc etc.

I’ve been practically vibrating this week because I booked time with my husband (haha, yes, I have to do that sometimes) on Friday to visit a number of Calgary stores to try to find a couch, loveseat and chairs. Oh, and a new kitchen table and stools for the island. We are also doing a bedroom reno for the girls, so we’re looking for cool bunkbeds too.

We have to travel way down south because the north has very little of that kind of stuff. (Urban Barn is the only thing I can find) and I’m making the poor guy visit 7 different stores.

Here’s my list (so far, muahahaha)

  • Crate and Barrel – my fave. LOVE it! I’ve been on the website everyday.
  • EQ3 – Lots of very cool, modern stuff
  • echildren – Never been, can you believe it?
  • Restoration Hardware – Usually a bit more traditional than I like, but gorgeous stuff
  • Pottery Barn – Who doesn’t love Pottery Barn?
  • Ikea – I’m actually not a big Ikea fan, but it’s kind of a must-do when we are down south.
  • Home Depot – looking at all kinds of DIY stuff that we will never be able to actually do ourselves.
  • Honestly, just looking at that list fills me with glee. And fills my husband with dread.

    My friend Stacie made me a mood board with things she thought I’d like. It’s GORGEOUS!
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    She told me about this completely cool website where she made the mood board and of course I had to go play myself. Except that I couldn’t really make a nice room, I just kept finding things I liked – so I added them all! Dave says that it looks like a 14 year old girl put it together, and I think he might be right. I look at Stacie’s grown up room and my colorful kiddie room and I wonder when I will grow up.
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    So the whole point of my post? I need more ideas! I’m not sold on any one color or look or anything. I would love to find that one great “thing” that inspires me and I can design the room around. So I need your help! Please let me know of any design blogs, websites, designers, furniture stores, websites, etc that you love. If there are some cool Calgary stores that I need to know about, please let me know!

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    • Amie Hanna - Have you looked at or I’m obsessed with those too lol! OH and!

      I LOOOVE the moodboard your friend put together. I’ve been dreaming of redoing a room with purples and just did our guest bedroom with similar grays!

      Have fun!

      p.s. my sympathies to Dave :p

    • michele dyson - Ummm….I freakin love it!! And the tree shelf for the girls? Yum!!! I’m in the midst of redoing a playroom for the girls. Have picked up a vintage table…the palest robyn’s egg blue, lots of white and vintage and lace. GIrls are fun. A few sites you may know of that I love are:: oh dee doh, Life in the Fun Lane ( near you), dandelion and grey….a gorgeous idea for the girls room I’m doing are a few garlands…. and a lace one……my fave is here :: sorry for all the links : tha last one is just white coffee filters dyes in the palest of was SO easy to do:) You can also google tutorials on how to make the simplest paper dahlia’s out of the coffee filters. They are GORGE!!!

      Anyways, good luck with all this; isn’t it FUN?!!!!!

    • Gudrun - Revolve has some fun stuff. They carry a neat line of bunk bed systems for kids that your girls might like too.

    • Lindsay -… a huge online gallery of different rooms and you can save all your favourites into your own ideas book!… GREAT inspiration for so many different things!

      Have fun!!

    • maria lang - i have been gushing over that tree shelf for months and months. how on earth would i get it here from korea though??? have fun decorating. i love it. it is so much fun.

    • Gabi - Exciting! Stick with solid collies and neutral tones and set accents w lots of different textures! If you stick w neutrals you can redecorate all the time just by switching out throws, pillows, deco
      Have fun and don’t forget the before and after pics!

    • Lisa Kelly - Love these mood boards, how cute.

    • Jaime Tocco - I can’t wait to try out this mood board thing! How fun! Definitely have to check out Urban outfitters and antropologie if you haven’t already. Have fun!

    • Jaime Tocco - You definitely need to check out urban outfitters and anthropology if you haven’t already.

    • danielle fox - I love that book shelf that looks like a tree, where did you find that? I have to know, I love earthy kinds of things. great ideas. I love love anthroplogie, check out that store. and west elm is good. also I love stuff from etsy. it is so easy to get caught up there.. I find great stuff for cheap on there…good luck! dani fox

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