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Real or Not?

So the internet is all abuzz with this video by a band called Sonseed.
Some are saying that it’s the real deal, and some are saying it’s a clever little piece of comedy.

Your thoughts?
I have to go with the fake camp. Those production values are pretty darn good for a 25 year old “video” and it’s supposedly been watched hundreds of times on VHS before being converted to digital.

At any rate, it’s freaking hilarious and strangely catchy.

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  • Jennifer - I don’t know what to think of that video! It certain is catchy!

  • Heather S - When I wake up at 4am with that song in my head, can I call you? 😀 😀 Hysterical!

  • Deanna - hahahah OMG I need to video tyson when this is playing..he dances up a STORM!

  • Melissa E Earle - Oh dear dear dear mee!!!
    “He helps me when I waste my time by writing silly songs” Wow I loved that part
    I can’t believe I actually watched that till it was done!

  • Amy - That is pretty funny.

    May I suggest searching:

    Gwen Verdon Mexican Breakfast on youtube

    It will give you a good laugh too:)

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