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Photography Tip O’ The Day

I’m going to be adding a page on the blog soon for photographers, but here’s a tip for moms and photogs alike.

If you take a look at your photography, either in your scrapbooks, photo albums or even your digital files – you may notice that they all look similar.
If this is case, you may be stuck in a photography rut – and it’s time to get out of your comfort zone!

If you are taking all close ups, try backing up and getting a full-length shot.

Conversely, if all your photos seem to be from far away, try getting super close and see what happens!

You can also try doing both – it’s called getting coverage. That way if you decide later you want a close-up, or decide you want a full-length, you’ve got both!

If you’re not feeling inspired by what you’ve been taking photos of lately, try looking around the familiar – and seeing it in a new way. If you’re taking lots of photos of your children, step outside and see what you can find.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. It will recharge you and get you taking better pictures. Have fun!
For more photography tips from other great photographers – check out the fab article by Casual Moment’s Pam Nafziger:

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  • Danna - Wesome Brandy!!! These are all such great shots…I especially like the first one hehe. 😛

  • allie - Beautiful Brandy, thanks for a great article!

  • Michelle Miller - Great color!!!! Lovely work!

  • Carrie - Thanks for sharing this Brandy. OMG that second shot put a big smile on my face!

  • sylvia - great shots! those tips are very helpful!

  • Anna Mayer - Great tips! and even greater images!! Beautiful stuff. ADORE that baby’s puchie lips!

  • kathy wolfe - GREAT TIPS and fantastic PHOTOS! Love your work!!!

  • domenica - Great tips, Brandy! Thanks for sharing! All of us non-pros need all of the help we can get! 😉

  • jen wilson - Brandy- What a great article and awesome examples! I love the two baby shots, it illustrates your point perfectly!
    jen 🙂

  • Heather Gibb - Wow, love the images you shared as examples! The spider is so kewl!!!!

  • Teya - Great illustrations of your concepts! Your work rocks as usual 🙂

  • Mellissa - Great tips, Brandy. Another thing for shooting out of the ordinary things was this great simple exercise I was given at a workshop recently—“shoot the alphabet”. You would go around and find patterns in your environment that would look like a letter and then photograph that and stretch to find the whole alphabet.

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