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Patience. (or stubbornness?)

Haha! I am very lucky to have great friends who sometimes think I am pretty great too.
This session was a gift certificate bought from a friend, who in turn gifted it to *her* friend.
It’s like Pay It Forward, except I get paid for it. LOL!

Anyway, this session started out kind of slow, the little guy did NOT want to sleep. When this happens, the parents will often get a little stressed. They feel like it’s their responsibility to make sure the baby falls asleep on command. It seldom works that way though. However, if I stick around long enough, that baby will fall asleep. Because I am craftier than the baby, and I know I can wait it out. I also drink a Coke Zero before every session to keep me alert and one step ahead of baby. I know that they will never beat me, for I have infinite patience and never get bored. All in the name for better baby portraits.

My master plan worked once again:
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  • Anna-Karin - Well your wait was worth it.
    Such sweet and timeless portraits you captured of this newborn little one.

  • Lori - LOL at your master plan!! Lovely photos and worth the wait 🙂

  • Lorelyn - Love the photos!!! Thank you for you patience! You’re an amazing photographer!

  • Reese - ~~~~looooooooooooooooovvvvvve~~~

    For the record, I’m one of those friends who sometimes this you’re great. LOL. Fantastic job, as always. I got all teary looking at all the photos, particularly of the whole fam.

  • Reese - oops, I mean thinks.

  • Tonia - Aw – that master plan definately worked! What wonderful pictures!

  • Marie - it was so worth it girly!! lovely

  • joshua k - Absolutely great shots! Lovely:)

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