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I love this family! I first met them when Lauretta was pregnant last year, and now here’s our third session and Chase is a big ONE years old! His crazy red hair is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I’m so tickled at how much he’s changed this past year. I adore

A Walk Through Inglewood

I had a great time with this family a couple of weeks ago, it was a brisk Saturday afternoon – the first signs of things starting to warm up in Calgary! They are wonderful people, and so easy to get along with – it was such a lovely way to spend the day. I love that we all didn’t

Her First Mother’s Day – calgary maternity photography

It was my absolute pleasure to meet this couple a few weeks ago for the maternity session for their upcoming arrival. I love getting to do a maternity session before a newborn session because it gives me a chance to get to know the mom and dad, and for them to feel more comfortable in the camera.

Meet Adrien – calgary newborn photography

As one of my very favorite families, I was so excited when Renee emailed me to let me know their new little man had arrived. I couldn’t wait to meet him, and see how big sister Claire liked her new brother. (answer: she’s lovey for about 10 seconds and then onto something new) What I

Tooting My Own Horn – calgary child photographer

So this past week has had some unique experiences for me. First off, I was interviewed by the awesome Kelly Doody of the Calgary Sun. You can read her Page Six write-up here It was actually kind of fun to be interviewed, apparently I enjoy talking about myself! Then I was featured in FFWD Weekly in

Growing Up Too Fast

Something happened a few weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. My daughter (6 at the time) was watching Treehouse and said to me “Will you make fun of me for watching cartoons?”. (For readers in other countries – Treehouse is Canada’s commercial-free

Wordy Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to start including more chatting and more life-related stuff on the blog. I tweet, so most of the time I sum up a variety of opinions in a short 140 characters. Lately though I’ve had lots to chat about, so I’ve decided to start Wordy Wednesday. I’ll

The Tooth Fairy – calgary child photographer

It’s been a big couple of years for my daughter Emma. Started school, making friends, learning to read. But the biggest thing for her has been losing her baby teeth. Her friends started losing their in kindergarden, and so the countdown begun. Murphy’s Law said that of course she

Got Moo?

I know most of you have probably already heard about and may have even used them for business cards. But the way to use Moo’s products don’t just end at business cards, people are using the stickers and cards in so many unique ways. They’ve just put out an AWESOME idea

This Is One Active Family – calgary family photography

This family and I had a bit of trouble coordinating our schedules! We rescheduled due to their youngest feeling under the weather, and then Mom and Dad were off to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. (yes, they were at the Gold medal hockey game, and yes, I am very jealous). We finally

Best WPPI Ever!

I’m back from Las Vegas and as usual, completely knackered. It was a whirlwind week of learning, parties, networking and BIG moments. I always go with the greatest intentions of attending a ton of classes, and this year was no different. And like all years past, I only attended one class.

WPPI’s Fresh Faces

As a lot of you know, I travel down to Las Vegas every year for the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographer International’s Trade Show and Convention. Its a whirlwind week of great friends, checking out new products, taking classes, shooting images for fun and checking out the print

Claire’s Going To Be A Big Sister – Calgary maternity photography

I absolutely love this family! I’ve been able to photograph their first pregnancy, Claire’s newborn session, and then she was one of my little models for my March of Dimes shoot. It’s such a delight to come back and help document this new little baby’s journey as well! I

Thank You.

I just have to interrupt our WPPI series to write this post. I have been completely BLOWN AWAY by the response to My 25 Biggest Mistakes article. The amount of comments posted here on the blog, on Facebook, in message boards and to me personally in emails have been so amazingly powerful to me. It

My 25 Biggest Mistakes

I’ve made many, many more than 25 mistakes in my 5 years in this industry, but these are some of the ones that affected my business the most. If anyone of them can help any of you from making the same mistake, I’m glad to share them. Some of them may be surprising, and some of them may

Back From Beaches – Calgary Family Photographer

We were to excited to head to the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos this past January. I had read about 500 reviews before we booked, and then another 500 after. Beaches is an all-inclusive resort owned by the Sandals chain but geared towards families. They are in partnership with Sesame Street

Calgary Baby Blogger’s Baby

Try saying that 10 times fast. A couple of weeks ago I was excited to head off to my newborn session, because the Mom was my daughter Emma’s first grade teacher until she went on maternity leave. Emma absolutely loves her, loooooooooves her, so I knew she was going to be super sweet. What I

Award Winning – calgary children’s photography

If you are a regular blog follower, you will know that every year I travel to Las Vegas to attend the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. When I was there last year, I entered prints in their 16X20 competition for the first time, and was so excited to learn that I

YYC4Haiti – Calgary’s Fundraiser for Haiti

When we were on vacation in Turks and Caicos, the earthquake struck Haiti and because we were only about 150 miles away, we were on a tsunami watch. It was scary to think about, but even scarier to think about all the people in Port-au-Prince. Even while we were on vacation, my mind was thinking

Meet Kate – calgary newborn photography

Remember this belly? The most gorgeous, squishy, darling little girl came out of there and into the world right before Christmas. I know that Shelley was probably disappointed that she didn’t get a sneak peek before I left for my vacation, but I tricked her and scheduled this teaser to post

Beauty – calgary portrait photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady and her mom back in November, and they have been very patiently waiting for their sneak peek! I’m finally getting closer to blogging newer sessions, and I hope to be all caught up very soon! It’s a treat for me to photograph

Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner – calgary boudoir photography

It may feel like Christmas just ended, (ok it *did* just end) but it’s time to think of Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up fast and we are having ONE special weekend for boudoir photography. It’s being held at the Hotel Arts in Calgary on January 22nd and 23rd and all prints

I Love This Age! – calgary baby photographer

This was my third session with this family this year, and I love them soooooo much. They even gave me Buttercream Bake Shoppe cupcakes to take home with me! (Note to clients – this is not a plea for baked goods. Actually, maybe it is.) I loved seeing little Izzy now that she’s getting

Giving is Awesome Winner!

I got a bit held up by the holidays this year, so I wasn’t able to devote the time I needed to choose the winner until now. So many of this year’s entries were about family. Brothers and sisters nominating their very deserving siblings for all of their efforts. The winner however was

Portable North Pole – personalized videos from santa

I got this lovely note from Alex from a couple of weeks ago: Hello Brandy. Thanks for writing about Portable North Pole last December. We’re excited to be back again this year, in partnership with Sympatico and benefitting Unicef Canada. You’ll see a few upgrades that I

Boys – calgary child photography

Having two girls, the only experience I have with boys is during sessions. I have to say that I am constantly surprised at just how much MORE energy boys have than girls. These two were no exception, we had such a great time running around Sandy Beach (which isn’t at all sandy, wonder why

You Like Me, You Really Like Me! – calgary maternity photographer

This is my third session with Shelley THIS YEAR. And we still have one more to go as soon as she pops that baby out. She’s due next week so everyone send her easy labor vibes. I love how my clients end up becoming friends. Shelley is even more addicted to Twitter than I am, so we often chat

Emergency casting call! – calgary newborn photographer

Unfortunately we had to cancel the newborn video shoot this weekend because of the terrible snow. (I couldn’t get my vehicle out of my cul-de-sac) and the baby model we were using is already two weeks old, which is older than I need for the video. I know, it’s terrible to discrimate for

Giving is Awesome – 2008

A wonderful client of mine nominated her friend Tanya for last year’s Giving is Awesome giveaway. Her letter to me was so heartfelt and full of love that it made me really want to meet Tanya and her children. With such busy schedules for everyone, it didn’t get to happen until last

Giving is Awesome!

You know someone. You know someone who’s experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids while holding down more than one job, or is volunteering selflessly despite extenuating personal circumstances. You know someone who can’t afford custom photography, but who


I was shown this trailer for a documentary coming out in April 2010. I can’t wait to see it!

Oh, Those Eyelashes! – calgary newborn photographer

I first met Farah when I was at Melonheads in Beacon Hill getting the girls’ hair cut. She and her husband own the Calgary location of this amazing children’s hair salon. We got to chatting and it was with great pleasure that I was invited to their home to photograph their sweet little