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New Music Tuesday

It isn’t the first post about new music on the site, and it surely won’t be the last.The latest song is by Blessed by Brett Dennen. It’s a happy, upbeat song and the girls love dancing to it. I was thrilled to receive permission to share it with you all on the Fresh Sugar

New Birth Announcements

There are some beautiful new birth announcement samples on the website under “stuff”.Here is a sneak peek!

More Rolls Than A Bakery!

This little cutie had the most roly-poly little body. She was a complete sweetheart, and very, very serious.I just wanted to pick her up and cuddle her the entire session! We were also able to go outside yesterday for this session – which was surprising to say the least! Thanks very much to

Back From Kelowna

Whew! We made it back! We had a great time in Kelowna (or Westbank, more accurately) but I think I need a vacation from my vacation! Good thing I have a girl’s trip to Vegas next month, lol! I thought I’d share a few highlights from our trip before getting back to work. Tomorrow

Tag, I’m It!

The fabby fab Central Alberta photographer Ashley Skjaveland tagged me in a game of blog tag. It’s kind of fun! The Rules. Post the rules before you give the facts. Post eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names. Leave

Rock On!

Haha! This little cutie is gonna be a rockstar, I just know it. I had the pleasure of meeting this very fun and easy-going family last weekend. As what happens sometimes, the weather just didn’t want to cooperate with us. Rainy and dreary outside, their kitchen nook had great light. So out

The Look of Love

I’m a bloggin’ fiend these days!It’s because I’m proofing so many session in so little time, just trying to get everyone their galleries out as soon as possible.This little guy was feeling a bit under the weather at our session, but was still a trooper, giving me lots of


I’ve been really lucky lately, and been getting some super sleepy newborns. It helps when the heat is cranked up in the house, (to the point where we’re sweating), and the baby is less that two weeks old. When they get a little older than that, they are more aware of their surroundings

Best. Hair. Ever.

Can you believe all the hair this little man from today has?I’m uploading the photos onto the computer and had to grab this one to share with everyone.It cracks me up – his hair is longer than my 10 month old’s!Thanks for a great afternoon today guys, I had lots of fun. On a

New Music

If you keep your speakers on while cruising the site, you probably have noticed that I like to change the music up every so often.I love finding artists who give their permission to use their music, and my latest find is Ashley Gramins. She has a beautiful voice and such a funky style. You can

Book now to secure one of the last evening sessions!

Just a quick update today, evening sessions are only available until the end of September, and are booking fast.If you are interested in grabbing one of these last few dates to get some nice evening light photos (my personal fave) then check the website for the schedule and email me! I’m

Mattel Recalls 9 Million Toys

Mattel is voluntarily recalling 9 million of its toys including popular characters such as Batman, Barbie, Polly Pockets and a toy from Pixar’s “Cars” movie because of hazards to children, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday. Today’s RecallBarbie and

My Apple’s Jacked.

So two weeks after getting it back, my computer got fried again. It’s back at the “authorized service technician”, who is actually super nice – even if I never want to see him again. Now, if I were you, I would probably tell me to get a new computer, obviously my old hunk

Fisher-Price Recalls Almost A Million Toys

Fisher-Price Recall Page It was announced this morning that Fisher-Price has recalled 83 different types of toys due to excessive amounts of lead paint.The recall involves various figures and toys that were manufactured between April 19, 2007 and July 6, 2007 and were sold alone or as part of


Drumroll please . . . Fresh Sugar is adding a new area to the biz, and it’s . . . TEENAGERS! Right now I am in need of two things – models for the new website – and a NAME for the new website. First thing, models. If you are (or know someone who is) between the ages of 13-20 and

New Baby Love and a Teaser

This little man has been long, long awaited. It’s a bit different to take the photos when you are good friends with the Mom and Dad, and you are just so darn excited that he’s here! I kept tearing up at this session because not only is he a little angel, but he’s got two loving

Big Mac Is Gone!

I had a complete hard drive crash this week, and my computer, which is affectionately named Big Mac, is in for service. They’ve managed to recover everything, but I had just backed up everything two days before, so all sessions are safe and sound. Unfortunately though, I am not able to work


I don’t think this photo needs me blabbing about it too much, it really does speak for itself. This family is the best, I think I overstay my welcome everytime I go over there, I just have to much fun at these sessions – I never want to leave.Happy, happy family. And it shows,

The Moment

As my clients can tell you, I rarely pose anyone, but let everyone interact with each other and I try to capture what’s going on.Of course, sometimes I will brush some strands of hair away, or suggest certain things to do with arms, but I don’t go crazy with posed shots. Which is how I


This 9-month old guy said his first word in a field of clover at Sunday’s session. As he was looking at stalk of clover – he said “daisy”! Ok, maybe not really, but it sure sounded like it. I know I talk an awful lot about fun families, but I am just so lucky! My clients

Blitzkreig Bop and Other Thoughts

So I was telling the mom of this little cutie this weekend about how my 4 year old had her first kiss a few days ago.4 years old! I, showing all the decorum I still possess today, at least waited until I was 5. Well now today, my little woman/child is rocking around the house singing “Hey,

The big day

The big moment is almost upon us. Sephora opens its doors in Calgary, first at Market Mall, then at Chinook Centre.July 6th is the very big day. Only 18 more sleeps!If you head down there, keep your eyes peeled for me, I’ll be hanging out at the Philosophy section sniffing everything.🙂

Art For Kids

While cruising around checking out blogs today, I found a creator of the cutest children’s art you will ever see. I can’t decide what to buy, I think I might have to get them all!Check her out:

Yep, that’s my girl!

I’ve had a few people email me wondering if that’s my little girl Emma on Calgary’s Child again this month.It sure is!She was just over 2 when that photo was taken, and now she’s a very . . . shall we say . . . spirited 4 years old.Calgary’s Child is having the


Wow, what a stunning mom she is!Soon to be a mom of two, this supermom works from home because her son’s allergies are so severe.Gorgeous on the inside and out.

Shiny, Happy, People

This family was was such a fun session. Mom and Dad were lots of fun, and it was clear just how much they enjoyed their children. Instead of a photo shoot, it felt more like I was invited into their lives for a couple of hours. Look at this little guy, he obviously was having a great time!

So comfortable!

These clients were so darn comfortable in front of the camera. It made for a really easy, relaxed session. Well, when their cat wasn’t growling at me, haha!

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Oh, that hair!

I think I must have said this 50 times at our session.Such beautiful, dark, thick hair!I know I wasn’t the first person to mention the resemblance to a certain high profile celebrity baby.

Fun new find – Cookie Magazine!

As my recent clients know, I’ve been busy, busy, busy this month.I plan on posting some of my favorite photos from recent sessions in the next few days.But today, I wanted to tell you all about a fab new magazine I found today – Cookie!It’s geared towards hip moms, with

Viva Las Vegas!

I’m off to the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! I hope to learn a lot, and find some cool new products to offer my clients! I’ll be back on Friday, March 30th.

It doesn’t get any cuter than this.

My own children may be fair-haired, and I may be brunette, but I think red-heads are the cutest! How appropriate that this shoot was on St. Patrick’s Day! Doesn’t she look like the most perfect little Irish lady?

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Great Googly Moogly! This boy has some stunning eyes, doesn’t he?

5 months old

This little guy is the same age as my daughter. His mom looks a lot better than I do though, LOL! He was a cutie, and VERY happy! I love this age.

Happy Feet

Sweet little baby toes!As some of you have heard, I switched computer systems this past week.I’m all about Apple now! You know what they say – Once you go Mac, you never go back! LOL!I’ve fallen slightly behind with session galleries, but I’m working practically around the

They’re not all happy

So most of the time, newborns are sleepy little angels that I can put on a bookshelf and snap away.Sometimes though, they wake up. And stay up.This little guy was such a sweetie, he gave me the BEST eye contact I have ever seen from a newborn. He was so alert. Which means, awake, and not always