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Brotherly Love

After getting back from Vegas, I was fortunate to have two family sessions with the most FUN families! The first had such an awesome home for my style – gorgeous white walls, furniture and linens. Heaven! The two little boys were excited for Easter coming up and we had a blast being silly

What A Weekend!

I had SO much fun at the Family-A-Fair this weekend! Thanks to all of you that came down to see me and say hi! It was great to meet so many new people too – I had a blast chatting and talking with you all. Just a quick reminder that today is your last chance to get in on the gift certificate

The NEW Blog!

Welcome to the brand new Fresh Sugar blog! I’m so excited to unveil it today, it’s been a work-in-progress since January. I’ll be adding some more features in the next few weeks, including an information page for other photographers. I’d love to hear what you think. So

hot . . .

There’s a country song by Trace Adkins that kept coming to mind while I was editing these images. I’ll let you guys figure out which one. (No, it’s not Honky Tonk Badankadonk – LOL) This mom-to-be was absolutely stunning! It was a quick and easy maternity session a few

Contest Time!

I have throw a big thanks out to all of you who were so patient with me this last week as I recovered from this brutal flu. I’m finally feeling better, and things are getting back to normal around here. I have tons of client shots to share this week, and will finally be releasing the new

I’ve got the flu.

I’ve got the flu. I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s going to be a couple more days until I can get back to your emails from the last week. Almost immediately after returning home from Las Vegas I was hit by the flu in a BIG way, I’ve been completely knocked by this

Vegas. Baby.

So this is my last baby to share before I leave for Vegas on Wednesday! This little cutie was SO darn good, she slept through almost the entire session. I don’t know how Mom & Dad do it though, they just moved into a new home right before she came – THEN got the flu! Super-parents

A Few of My Favorite Things

I wanted to tell you all about the great time I had last night – I went to Flames Central for a fundraiser put on by The Flames Better Halves. It was raising money for the Flames Foundation of Life with funds directed to Rotary/Flames House, Alberta’s first free-standing pediatric

Long time no see!

I’ve been a major slacker in the blog dept. lately. I’ve been super busy trying to get a whole gaggle of newborn galleries up. It’s baby season in Calgary! This little sweetie lives in one of my favorite places, beautiful Canmore, AB. I love driving out there (when the roads are


Fastest. Newborn. Session. Ever.I get all kinds of babies – big, little, sleepy, awake. The parents of this little man took me seriously when I told them to have the room warm. We had the heat cranked, the fireplace on, AND a space heater going. We were all sweating, but this guy absolutely


We got a new puppy last week, a Morkie (maltese-yorkie) named Ollie.My girls instantly fell in love with him, and they’ve all been getting along great. When the baby isn’t squeezing him because she loves him so much, she’s following him from room to room making kissing noises.

More Boys Should Wear Pink

You can’t deny how cute this look is! I love pink, and I love a man who can wear it, big or little! 🙂


I swear that this little guy had the best secret. He couldn’t stop smiling to himself while he was sleeping.Thanks for a great morning – you made my job very easy!

Daddy Played Bass

I had a session yesterday with such a cool and fun family. Dad is a bass player for some great bands and wanted to incorporate his bass with his new daughter. It was hit and miss for awhile, but with dad spotting just to the right and wielding a bottle and soother, I think we got what we were


In recent ads, I used the phrase belly=beauty, and never has it been more evident than during this session.The lovely mom-to-be just had a radiance about her, and it sounds cliched, but she really did glow.She looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to meet her new little one. It’s been


Back in November I was graciously invited to speak at the Foothills Camera Club about infant and child photography.I had no idea I had a fear of public speaking until about 45 minutes before I was scheduled to go on, lol!I had a great time, and met many wonderful people that evening. If


I’m excited to show you some sneak peeks at one of the new products for 2008. Defined Collages.They are 20X20 collages mounted and laminated – they look absolutely amazing! Clients are eating these up, and I’m ordering a ton for my own home. You can even order them without the

Good egg.

Hee hee. This little cutie made me start thinking . . .maybe it’s time to have another baby? She was so sweet and what a beautiful little temperament! I had previously met the mom during her friend’s newborn session, so it was great to come and do the photos of her own little one.


There are a million reasons why I love what I do, and this is #547. This little cutie is my friend Yolanda’s new baby girl. Yo and I used to work together at CMT, what seems to be a million years ago, but I guess was only 7. Thanks to the powers of Facebook, we reconnected and I got the

My Favorite 2 Year Old of 2008

Ok, so she’s been my ONLY 2 year old so far this year, but she’s still my fave. This little beauty was so sparkly and fun, I could have stayed and played for hours. She was a little shy at first, but I managed to break the ice by pretending to be afraid of things. Hey, I’ll do

Fresh Ideas from Fresh Sugar

I’m so excited to implement this new promotion this year! Each month I will be posting a Fresh Idea. These are concepts that I am personally and professionally interested in. It may be that I have a cool idea, or something I would like for the Fresh Sugar website or advertising.Each month

Happy New Year!

Well, the holiday season has come and gone and 2007 is being rung out tonight. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this year so wonderful for me: my clients, my blog readers, and my friends and family.I’m excited to start 2008 with a bang, I’m starting a

Christmas comes this time each year

Whew, what a hectic couple of days!I managed to sneak out this morning for some Boxing Day shopping at Holt Renfrew, (Merry Christmas Brandy, Love Jimmy Choo) and now I’m back on the computer to proof some more sessions. I’ve been so crazy busy lately, I haven’t blogged as much as


This tiny little one is such a miracle to me. She’s gone through so much in her short life and her parents completely amazed me with their strength and passion for their daughter and life itself. Thank you so much for inviting me into your home and making me part of this beautiful story.

The sweetest holiday gift

This new family has just welcomed home this little sunshine. One of the most peaceful newborns I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, she was just a total doll throughout the whole session. She was so patient with me, letting me play with some of my brand new and exciting newborn wraps.

Holiday Deadline is this week!

To get your prints in time for the holidays, I need all orders placed by 12:00pm on Thursday, December 13th.Anything ordered after that time will be available after January 1st.This is a great opportunity to do some easy Christmas shopping. Another cool thing I keep forgetting to mention,

I met this wonderful new family last month, and as what usually happens at my newborn sessions, the baby didn’t want to sleep.Of course parents are usually mystified, because baby ALWAYS sleeps. Except when I come over. LOL!I’m cool with it when babies don’t sleep, I love to see

Pregnancy never looked so good!

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous mom-to-be a couple of weeks ago.We had rescheduled the session due to snowy weather, and I’m so glad we did!We had the beautiful backdrop of Eau Claire and while it was chilly, it was nothing like a normal November afternoon.One of the best

Uh, sorry about those shelves . . .

So once in awhile I do stupid things at sessions. One time I was joking around with a family and told their mother: “you’re just not a pretty face”. Oh. Dear. God. I meant to say “you’re not just a pretty face”. I’m pretty sure I heard crickets after that

Honey, I’m home!

We’re finally back from our trip to Disneyland. We had a great time, but now it’s back to the camera and the computer!I have a lot of blog posts to make, so stay tuned this week as I catch up!Here are just a few shots from our trip, the weather was wonderful, and “it’s a

Awake and Sweet

This little guy was wide awake for this session, but he was one of the most peaceful and relaxed babies I’ve ever seen.No matter where we put him, or how we moved him, he was just mellow and happy. Congratulate yourselves Mom & Dad, I think you’ve got a keeper! 🙂

In a cabin in the woods . . .

a little deer at the window stood! LOL. I’ve had this song running though my head while editing these photos. A gorgeous B&B recently turned into a home, in beautiful Canmore. I’m still dreaming about the view they have from their bedroom. Ahhhhh.Here’s one more because I am

Cool Families

So I always say I have the coolest clients.Today was no exception. I often leave sessions feeling like I just hung out with friends for an afternoon instead of working.My session today was exactly like this, except we even stood talking at my car for another 10 minutes after.I felt like I was on


Isn’t she just the sweetest thing? And mom was seriously worried because baby didn’t get much sleep.Speaking of not getting much sleep, I’m back from Las Vegas – unfortunately without my passport.I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off the past

Fresh Sugar

Where do I even start with this session? Dad is hilarious, mom is super nice, brother is absolutely gorgeous and baby is super sweet and a great sleeper to boot! I had a wonderful time at their home, and am so excited to edit these photographs.Here is one sneak peek, I was completely in love with

Sugar Shack Cakes

My daughter Charlotte turned 1 years old last Saturday. Since she is a charter member of the Second Child Society, I procrastinated and neglected almost everything about the party. But from procrastination comes great things! It was too late to get a cake from my usual place, so I tried something