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A newborn baby, his big sis, and some stripes

A few weeks ago I was in south Calgary, at this very special newborn session. Little baby boy actually came into the world a bit late – which was quite a shocker for Mom and Dad, considering their first baby came flying into the world at twenty-something weeks. And so it starts from birth

It’s heeeere!

YAY! The iPhone finally hits Calgary stores today and I will be dragging my poor children down to Market Mall at an ungodly hour to wait in line for my new phone. My new WHITE phone! I say new, because I currently have a lovely black iBrick sitting here on my desk. I was one of the impatient ones

Lawsie Mercy!

That’s what my favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman would say about the cuteness of these two kids. When older siblings are involved in a newborn session, I usually tell Mom & Dad not to get their hopes up for THE perfect sibling shot, because that usually doesn’t come at this point

Calgary is Twin City!

So here’s another set of recent twins I had the pleasure of photographing in Calgary in June. Sam and Cole were born at a shocking 29 weeks and have been home from the NICU for just a month now. They just hit their actual due date last week, and are doing so well and growing like little

Love isn’t limited to weddings

It was a real joy to spend a day taking photos of two people so much in love, as I did on Saturday. Little did I realize that I am doing this with all of my sessions, I maybe just didn’t notice it before! As I edited these images yesterday, I was literally moved to tears at some of the tender

A wedding in Red Deer

I assisted my good friend Deanna Hall on a wedding yesterday in Red Deer. The day was absolutely beautiful, the couple was gorgeous, the wedding party fun and relaxed. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it touched me beyond words to see the groom have such an emotional reaction to seeing his bride

Something’s coming

That’s the title I immediately thought of when I saw this photo from a recent maternity session. Whether it’s the baby or the storm, I’m not sure! I fell in love with these two at their session, they are so full of love and adventure. I had a super fun time that afternoon, and

Remember that green chair?

I fell in love with an awesome green chair during a recent maternity session. Oh yeah, and the mom and dad to be were pretty cool too. The baby arrived a few weeks ago, and the new parents are just as relaxed and fun as they were pre-baby. Here are a couple of sneak peeks, and I’ll have the

A whole lotta postin’ going on!

This little man is the first of many posts that will be coming in the next week or so. I got a wee bit behind in my proofing doing the shoots for the March of Dimes and the Epilepsy Association, so I’m trying my hardest to get everything back on track. Here’s some sneak peeks of little

March of Dimes – Day 2

Whew! It was a whirlwind couple of days, and I have such big love for all the wonderful moms and babies that came out to help both me and the fantastic March of Dimes organization. It was a pleasure to meet Susan and Ashley from the March of Dimes, and Ashley and I will be playing some long

Thanks for today ladies!

I know I always talk about how I have the best clients, but it was never more apparent than this week, when SO many generous people stepped up to have their babies model for a shoot for the March of Dimes. We got rained out of our original plan today, but made do, actually more than made do since

Wanted: Dark-skinned baby age 6-12 months to model in a national campaign

It’s down to the wire right now, we are casting for a national campaign for the March of Dimes. We’re looking for a dark-skinned baby, male or female for the March for Babies new campaign. The shoot will take place on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday of this week, at a NW park. Please

Where I’ve been . . .

I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve had 6 sessions in the past week, and 4 more next week. It’s been a CRAZY June! I also was excited to attend the CTV Upfront party yesterday and loved the sneak peeks of all the new shows. Free drinks and little mini-cheeseburgers don’t hurt

All Your Great Things

I had such a great response to the One Great Thing – I’d love to share them all, but really only have the room for a few here. EVERYONE who emailed will be getting a $50 credit to Fresh Sugar, so keep your eyes on your inbox for that! Thank you so much everyone who wrote. I absolutely

More twins!

Lots of twins being born in Calgary lately! I have another twin session this week, and yet another in a few weeks time, provided they stay in that long! These little lovelies were so sweet and calm, it was such a joy to work with them. I love how twins are just so content to snuggle with one

What do you get when you cross pregnancy with an interior designer?

The coolest location to shoot maternity portraits! Stacey and Chad have one of the most fab homes I’ve ever had the pleasure of having a session at. Each room was so fresh and unique, I made them take photos in almost every single room in the house! It was a blast, and I cannot WAIT to go

One Great Thing

I was recently talking to another mom about how sometimes we do our kids a bit of a disservice. For example, when we recently went on our cruise, we got lots of compliments on the girls. Especially at dinner, people told us how wonderful Emma was and how nicely she behaved. And what did I

Hey, look here! Yeah you – over here!

I am super, super psyched to finally announce the brand-spanking new addition to the Fresh Sugar family. Fresh Sugar Style It’s Calgary’s first photography website dedicated completely to teenagers. For those that want a modern, fun look that goes miles and miles from any sort of

Jesh De Rox . . . well . . . kinda rocks.

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Edmonton Jesh De Rox workshop. I met some wicked cool Alberta photographers and one awesomely talented Torontonian. Is that what they are called? I found myself being moved without meaning to, inspired by things totally unexpected, and came home to a

My family had a photo session

The blog’s been all about me lately, hasn’t it? Just a couple more posts about yours truly, and then back to your regular scheduled programming of client images. I mentioned that my family was lucky enough to have the awesomely talented Jenny Pearson of Toronto’s Jennifer Pearson

Super Cute with her Point and Shoot

Ahhhh. My little budding photographer. She’s super cute with her point and shoot, it’s always fun (and sometimes a little embarrassing) to see life from a 5 year old’s perspective. So with no further ado, Emma’s photos from the Bahamas and Florida! Her sister – not so

Back from Paradise

Ahhhhh! I’m finally home from my whirlwind 2 weeks away, and ready to spill all about my trip to the Bahamas. We traveled on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas to Nassau, Coco Cay and Key West, FL. The boat was amazing, I have never been on a cruise before, and I absolutely loved it.

I’m home, then I’m gone

I had such an amazing time on my cruise, I can’t even begin to tell you all about it. So I’ll just show you one quick family photo taken at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. I will post all about our adventures and some photos when I return. I’m off to Edmonton this week to

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty Mama . . .

Do you remember when Cocktail was your favorite movie and you would sit around and listen to the record over and over and over and over again? Uhhhh, me either. Anyway, I am leaving for the Bahamas on Sunday with the whole fam-damily. We’re cruising for the very first time – and our

Mother’s Day is on Sunday!

If your husband is trying to figure out a last-minute gift for Mother’s Day (like my very own husband) – why not direct him to this blog post? Fresh Sugar gift certificates are available in any denomination, and can be sent electronically and instantly! My own mom, pictured above with

Fresh Idea for May

May’s Fresh Idea is . . . an urban session! I’m looking for a 5-7 year old (can have a little brother or sister tag along too) who is fun and outgoing and parents who are up for anything! We’ll be heading to downtown Calgary to take advantage of some of the hippest, coolest

A wedding in Stettler

My super good friend Deanna of Deanna Hall Photography invited me to come and be her second shooter at a wedding this past weekend in Stettler. She let me roam around time with the groomsmen before the ceremony, and I know that they thought I was extra crazy when I told them we were going to the

I am addicted

I have a dirty little secret. Every night after everyone goes to bed, I creep downstairs and . . . play Mario Kart! I’ve been playing with one of my best friends who unfortunately lives in California. The Wii is so awesome though, we can play Mario Kart against each other online. She’s

The green chair

I had the best maternity session over the weekend, I really had so much fun – the mom and dad to be were funny and sweet, and had the COOLEST stuff! I fell in love with this green chair that they bought for the baby’s nursery – so much so that we were joking that maybe I needed

Fresh Idea Twin Session

Back in February, the Fresh Idea was a call out for newborn twins. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and her adorable babies on Saturday. The babies were so content and happy, and it was a fantastic session. These two little cuties were up for anything, and just so happy to be snuggled together.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Calgary! Here are 23 tips from Parade Magazine to help curb climate change: AT HOME 1. Buy better bulbs Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) require only 25% of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs. According to the federally backed Energy Star program, if every household

The Birthday Party and YESSSSSSS!!!

So we had Emma’s birthday party on Saturday. I have to thank all the guests that battled the snow and ice to come eat some awesome cake and watch a pinata completely fail at being a pinata. Once again, we got Lisa from Sugar Shack Cakes to make our cake. It was not only yuuuuuummmmmmmyyyy,

She’s 5!

I had a bittersweet day yesterday – my little girl turned 5! Those 5 years seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye. I found myself tearing up yesterday in Toys R Us when the Stevie Wonder song “Isn’t She Lovely” started playing in the store. My kid is growing up too fast

Photography Tip O’ The Day

I’m going to be adding a page on the blog soon for photographers, but here’s a tip for moms and photogs alike. If you take a look at your photography, either in your scrapbooks, photo albums or even your digital files – you may notice that they all look similar. If this is case,

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

I thought I’d share some photos from the last time the Wiggles came to town. My daughter absolutely loved them, and it was one of the best live kids’ shows we’ve been to. (The Backyardigans was another great one). We have a winner with the contest! The secret word was WAGS and

Families, The Wiggles, The Flames, Websites and more!

Firstly, I *must* talk about this awesome family I had to pleasure to spend an afternoon with a few weeks ago. We all decided to head down to the river for some shots, and the youngest wanted to wear her bright yellow rubber boots. Well OF COURSE that is cool to me, I love rubber boots. So then