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I’m cheating

I took the weekend off, and then got tied up tonight, forgetting about the blog until I was lying in bed. But because I love you and want you to be happy, I got up (ok, sat up) and starting typing away (or possibly looking at So look up at the headers above this post. I put

We got SO lucky

This is a wonderful family that has been with me since the very beginning. Teresa is a gorgeous mom who I am so fortunate to have as a client because she tells all her awesome friends about me. It’s been a fun group of ladies I’ve managed to meet, all thanks to her. We were all set to

Pregnancy becomes her

I see lots of beautiful pregnant women, and they really do have a glow. But I have to say that this particular mama-to-be had something extra. She was radiant. And carrying twins. I did not know that the two things could possibly go together, because I would certainly be tired and crabby. But Carla

love love love

I’ve said it plenty of times, and I will probably say it plenty more. I love love love my job. I really, really love it when I get to have sessions with the 6-8 month’ers. It’s my absolute favorite age, hands down. These little people have such big personalities and I get to have

33 Going on 13

I had the fabulous opportunity to scream my face off and generally act like a teenager again. New Kids on the Block were in town on Wednesday, and my friends and I had 12th row seats. Not as good as the last time they were in Calgary and we had 5th row, but that’s ok. I didn’t have my


I just love these people. Truly. I loved hanging out with them, they are awesome at joking around and being at ease. And now they have two new little people who are going to grow up as relaxed and sweet as they are. Oh, and they’re going to have cool taste like their parents too. PS

A sad family

We have a very sad family right now. My dad passed away at the age of 83. He’s going to be very missed, my girls adored him. He was teaching Emma to speak Spanish (as he was born in Mexico) and Charlotte loved making him read story after story to her. He had been battling cancer for the last


This is totally a cool house. I liked it so much that I wrangled a second visit! I loved little Max, whether he was awake or asleep, and lucky us, we got some of both. It was such a treat to meet his family, and see their beautiful house. Did I mention their cool house? Forgot to mention:

Patience. (or stubbornness?)

Haha! I am very lucky to have great friends who sometimes think I am pretty great too. This session was a gift certificate bought from a friend, who in turn gifted it to *her* friend. It’s like Pay It Forward, except I get paid for it. LOL! Anyway, this session started out kind of slow, the

Fall in Calgary

Remember when the leaves were a golden yellow? When the air was crisp, but the sun was warm? Yeah, me neither. Apparently I have photographic evidence though, as this session must have taken place during those 3 days before it dropped below zero and all the leaves blew away, lol. It was the perfect

Just one . . .

I am super swamped right now, and not able to give the blog the love it deserves. So until I can make the real post about this sweet little man, here’s just one for those who are waiting patiently. (Row, you can consider it your birthday present from me, lol)

Little Red-headed Cutie

I had a wonderful time a few weeks ago driving out to Elbow Valley, just west of Calgary. Such a beautiful place, I really didn’t want to leave. So much so that I told my husband we had to move there, lol! This was a wonderful family with a beautiful home and kind hearts. Little Grace was

Little Apple Twins

Remember the twin maternity session with the apples? These are the little sweeties that came out of that adorable belly. I have tons more from this session to share, but I couldn’t resist to pop on and just post one real quick. I have friends that are twins, and one is much smaller than her

Newborn Sweetness

I’m behind in my blogging, and had to add this little dreamboat. He was so good and sleepy, the session was a breeze!

Urban Mini Session Sneak Peek!

Whew! I busted my behind to get these up before I leave for Vegas. (My flight is at 6am, which means I’m leaving my house at 4am – that’s just not right) I have lots and lots to say about the mini sessions down at Eau Claire Market, but I will try to make it short and sweet.

More gorgeous Calgary kids!

This was such a fun session for me! The kids were absolutely awesome, so fun and playful. Their mom was super fun too, we joked and giggled quite a bit during the afternoon. It was a beautiful day in Calgary, and I couldn’t have spent it at a better place.

Mini Session Reminder

I am so excited about the amount of interest for the Urban Mini Sessions. Since so many of you have expressed interest, I wanted to tell you that time is running out! There is limited availability left for this exclusive offer. All of the morning sessions are now filled, and now there are only a

The Baby Powder Incident

Something happened at the Anderson household tonight. While I was innocently trying to watch 90210, my children were being awfully quiet. I should have gone to investigate, but I couldn’t – Adriana was about to go and confess that the cocaine was really hers! That was a big mistake.

Twin Maternity

Haha! So more twins, but this time they are on the inside. Actually, they’re on the outside now, but these photos are all maternity. I’ll post the newborn session after it takes place. This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve had. Mom was absolutely up for ANYTHING, Dad was

On Cloud 9

This little Calgary cutie looked like she was sleeping on a cloud, and was as happy as if she was! Can you BELIEVE that hair? I love this family so much, this is my second time with them and they were even more easy-going and relaxed than the first time, if that’s possible! ***Don’t

Spoonful of Sugar Mini Sessions

I’ve missed everyone in blog-land lately, I’ve been away in North Carolina for the past week. I’m back in Calgary now and I have lots and lots to tell you all, but I wanted to get this up right away, as I have had many requests for family/kid sessions for the holidays. I only

Gorgeous family

Here’s a session from back in July that I just loved. Mom had a slammin’ body from being an exercise instructor, Dad was gorgeous and willing to take his shirt off and lie on the bed, sister was a beauty who loved to pose for me, and little brother was a dream newborn – nice and

Real or Not?

So the internet is all abuzz with this video by a band called Sonseed. Some are saying that it’s the real deal, and some are saying it’s a clever little piece of comedy. Your thoughts? I have to go with the fake camp. Those production values are pretty darn good for a 25 year old

Newborn cutie

This session is from a few weeks ago. I am slowly getting things caught up, and the blog is getting caught up too. Slowly. It was another one of those super fun sessions, and little baby Megan was the perfect model. Lots of laughing, a little bit of sleeping, and tons of love.

Kindergarten becomes her.

It’s been a bittersweet week – Emma started kindergarten on Tuesday, and rode the bus alone for the first time today. I swore she was too little to do it, but the bus driver and the school take such good care of these kids. Plus as Emma says to absolutely everything now,


So there’s something new happening around here. Something I will tell you about soon. But in the meantime, here’s a little preview of the new birth announcements that are available this fall. If you look carefully, there’s a little hint of the new something that I’ll be

My kids are oddities.

This is Emma’s dinner from tonight. I love that she is always willing to try new foods and has eclectic tastes. Tonight’s meal is no exception. On one side of the plate you have delicious East Indian cuisine – a family favorite – butter chicken. And on the other side of the

I *heart* Dr. Horrible

This is a post without photos today folks, because it has something cool and different – a video! It’s a trailer for the Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog episodes available on iTunes. If you have my kind of sense of humor, or any kind of sense of humor at all, frankly, you will find

Yes, more twins in Calgary!

Honest to goodness, I have to say I have NEVER in my life seen more twins than I have in the past few months. And I have TWO more sessions coming up with twins. Holy moly! I think it’s because I used to live with twins when I was in university. I have this sympatico. Actually, we don’t

Remember me?

  I’m baaaaaaaack! It’s been a very long two weeks, as you probably have noticed! The website, blog, ordering software, email – all of it went down two Fridays ago, and it’s just finally today that everything is back up and running! I’ve changed the website for the

Covers, covers, covers! *insert crazed laughter here*

This one’s more for the photographers out there that are reading. Lookie what came in the mail yesterday! My 4 new Shootsac covers, one of which is the limited edited Jessica Claire – and I am sooooooo in love with it. The others are Festive, Well-Rounded and Blackout. I already have


Now that we’ve all had the new iPhone for awhile, I’m interested to hear what people think of it. What are your favorite apps? Here are my fave free ones: I was a big fan of Shazam, but now my new fave is Midomi! It’s a song-recognition app that not only names music that is

The best photographers you haven’t heard of . . . yet!

I was recently involved in a conversation about current children’s photographers in the world today. About how there are a few names that get mentioned over and over again, and although very well deserving and wonderful people (some are friends), it’s time to shine some light on some

Baby Interior Designer

Remember the maternity session from May with the awesome house? They had their adorable little girl, and were up for absolutely anything. I could not believe the amount of gorgeous dark hair on her head – both mine had such fair hair as newborns. It was such a blast hanging out for the

What’s new in Freshsugarland.

I have still lots more session teasers to post this week, but I wanted to share some photos from my weekend and let everyone know what’s coming up. I am taking off 3 weeks in August. I will be gone from August 11th to September 1st. I will be updating the blog when I can though, because I

The Fab Four

This was a family session that I did back in June. We got to spend the afternoon in their GORGEOUS backyard – seriously, one of the best backyards in Calgary. Doesn’t hurt that the patio furniture featured my favorite lime green color. Hee. This family was hitting a lot of milestones