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I loved, loved, loved this client’s idea about incorporating the baby’s heartbeat into the session. Big brother thought it was pretty cool too. Another awesomely fun maternity session here in Calgary, as with so many of my clients, this family was up for anything. I can’t wait to

Look at that HAIR!

That’s all I kept saying at this newborn session. Take a photo, “look at that HAIR!”, take another photo, “look at that HAIR!”. I am so tickled by this handsome little guy, his hair is only a small part of his charm. Speaking of charm, I was especially impressed with

100 Days Old

I got to spend a lovely Calgary Saturday with this little cutie, who was celebrating his 100 day birthday. It’s a neat custom in Korean culture, they were even having a party and cake. I wonder how if I could start celebrating something similar. Well, what do you know? Today is my 12 347 day

March for Babies Commercial Photography

Last May I was approached by the March of Dimes to do some commercial photography work for their March for Babies campaign. They came to Calgary from New York to oversee the shoot, and several of my clients volunteered their babies for the project. The March for Babies walks are now taking place

New addition

I was invited into the home of this brand new family to Calgary. Just getting settled in, and along comes a new baby! This little sweetheart though had the most good-natured disposition I may have seen on any newborn that I’ve photographed. Her brother (being a boy) was definitely not quiet,

This kind of thing happens a lot.

Just one that tickled my funny bone from the session I was editing tonight. Even when you see the most tender, most loving sibling image on the blog or website – know that there are 5-10 more images just like this one. Hey, I don’t blame her – I’m not one for sharing the

Meet Blake

Today’s little newborn baby girl has one of the coolest name in Calgary. She also has the coolest mom, letting me try out some new things I’ve been wanting to do. Blake was so sweet for us, sleeping peacefully so I could photograph the full Angelina-pout. I was so excited to take a

I’m baaaaaaack!

Whew! Let me just say this: two weeks is a LONG time to be on vacation. Or rather, a long time to be with the same people every hour of every day. LOL! We had a great time, but I think all of us were glad to get home and have some personal space again! It’s been a bittersweet return however.

A favorite family

I was so happy to come and visit one of my favorite families last week to take newborn photos of their newest baby girl, who was born over a month early and just got out of the hospital. She is doing great, and big sister was very curious about the new little one. I’m sad to say that they

I’m off to somewhere warm!

Just a little note to let everyone know that I will be out of the office for the next two weeks – we are taking a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with some wonderful friends, and then we’re taking a surprise trip to Disneyworld! The girls don’t know anything about the Disney trip

Purple Day 2009

Last year I was proud to donate my time to photograph some amazing kids for a poster for the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. These kids were from a local school and they raised money by shaving their heads in support of a classmate that has epilepsy. I was honored to be able to help with the

Squishy little cuteness

I got to take a beautiful drive out to Canmore earlier this month to meet one of the squishiest little babies I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. She was such a happy little girl, I don’t think we even heard a peep out of her. Mom and Dad were such fun, and had lots of great

Coolcat baby.

So I have been a very bad blogger. So bad in fact, that the last session I blogged was the maternity session to THIS little peanut right here. It actually hasn’t been *that* long, because little Desmond here came into the world a full two weeks early. He’s so surrounded by love in his

Coolcat maternity

This couple was so fun and cute! I absolutely adored their laid-back attitude, and the way the both giggled when I asked them where they met. I don’t think I’ve ever had a maternity session where the mom and dad to-be seemed more in love. I saw lots of loving looks and it was just

A girl! A girl! A girl!

With two rambunctious boys at home, the mom to this little cutie was pretty excited to find out she was having a beautiful little GIRL! Brynn might just be as energetic as her older brothers, if this session was any indication! She didn’t want to miss a minute of the action, why lie around

What I did in Vegas. (part deux)

As I mentioned, I went down to Las Vegas for WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. The conference has a trade show, a ton of classes, parties, everything. One of the main things is a 16X20 portrait competition. It’s always been so fun for me each year to walk

What I did in Vegas (part 1)

I have to make this a two-parter so I don’t overload you all with photos. While in Vegas, I went to a place called the Neon Graveyard with a group of photographers. It’s a “museum” where all the old Vegas signs go to die. It’s honestly one of the most awesome places

The Ginger Kids

Oh, I love this family. I first met them a couple of years ago when their firstborn was a year old. I got to come back and see their new addition, who is now a year old herself. I love coming to their place because they have a cool sense of style and have some really funky furniture. They are

I love Calgary babies!

I’m back from Vegas with all sorts of cool things to show and tell, but first, I need to blog about this SUPERcute baby that I didn’t get a chance to talk about before I left. Her mom and dad bought the maternity/newborn combo, but then decided to wait on the newborn session until Kate

Off to WPPI in a couple of days

I’ll be heading out on Thursday to the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International’s annual conference in Las Vegas. I’ll be there for a week, and will most likely need a vacation once I am back home. A week is a long time in Sin City. I’d love to hear from any other

Isn’t She Lovely?

I had the most awesome time with this maternity session last weekend. She was fun, vivacious and so willing try anything I suggested. Oh, and did I mention that she’s gorgeous? I had a rockin’ time with her and I can’t wait for the newborn session in April!

Win a $500 gift certificate!

For those that don’t get the Fresh Sugar newsletter (why the heck not? sign up at the top right of this blog) you might not know about the awesome contest the Babyvibe is holding. They are giving away a $500 gift certificate to Fresh Sugar, for the photo session of your choice! Are you


Just one sneak peek for today. I’m working on this family session from earlier this month, and should have more to share in the next couple of days!

New Music : Lenka

Back at the end of October, beginning of November I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and there was the most beautiful, catchy song at the end. I used Shazam on my iPhone to discover the artist, and within minutes I had downloaded the entire CD. I swear, the whole album has not left

This baby has a dimple in her knee.

Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever? Whoops. Spoke too soon. I have a bunch more from this session to share, but wanted to get this sneak peek up tonight.


Like the spiffy new look to the blog and website? I love it! What’s great about the new blog is that it has bigger, more awesome photos. I have a super fun and super fab maternity session to post soon, so stay tuned! -b

Giving is Awesome

Ok, ok. So it’s not the new blog. It’s still the old one. But I wanted to make good on my promise to pick the winner of the Giving is Awesome contest. There were a lot of amazing, heartfelt entries. I was sincerely touched by what you wrote about the people you were nominating. There

Just gotta pinch those cheeks!

Just a teaser today, this was from my last session of 2008, last week. Two beautiful babies, with squishy, pinchable cheeks. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is my last post on the blog before the big MAKEOVER it’s getting. It’s actually almost done, but my

I’m officially on vacation

It’s been hard for me to turn some of you away this holiday season. I don’t like to disappoint anyone, and I know that the holidays are a great time to get photos taken because everyone is home. I promised my girls this year that I would take time off of work and spend the days playing

2008 Favorite Things

I was reflecting the other day on purchases I have made this past year, and what have been my favorites. I thought it would be fun to make a list to help some of you out with your holiday gift lists! First off was my Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. It was a beautiful trip, and what even made

Giving is AWESOME!

I’m so happy to announce I’ve joined forces with some amazing photographers across the globe. You can take a look at everyone participating at You know someone. You know someone who’s experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids

Want a holiday card? Well, do ya, punk?

***UPDATE – They are all gone. Man you guys sure do love some Christmas cards!*** Guess what? I have 20 client cards here that I am sending out to the first 20 extremely lucky people who email me their addresses. I say lucky because the cards rock this year. Seriously.


I first met little Walker last year as a newborn, and this year Mark called me back to do a Father/Son session. With both of us having recent losses, this idea was especially poignant. What a wonderful gift for his son to have someday, to be able to look back and see how much love there was in

A video from Santa

If you live in Canada and have kids, you have to go over and check this out: Portable North Pole My kids absolutely flipped over it, even Charlotte who freaked at Santa in person. Make sure you add a photo, that was Emma’s favorite part – it really made it real for her. It’s so

My yearly trek to Lake Bonavista

I say trek only because I live so far north we joke that it’s always Christmas here. Ahhhh, Calgary. I first met Carrie when she only had Matthew, but since then I’ve done a newborn shoot, her baby was a model for me for the March of Dimes, and now again we hung out to do a family

A little sneaky peek

I’ve just got one tiny post tonight, it’s showcasing some of the new stuff that’s going to be unveiled in the new year. I’ve wanted to show everyone everything for a couple months now, but being so busy this fall season I haven’t had the time. I will tell you this