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ONE HOUR PHOTO – 47 minutes

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Here’s the thing. I am so incredibly lazy. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about art and photography these days, and kind of wondering if I can ever truly be the artist I want to be because I am so lazy. I don’t really like spending hours upon hours working, no matter how much I love my job. I think about some of the artists I admire and am amazed by their dedication and passion. It’s not that I don’t have these things, but I can be flighty and my attention span is pretty limited. I get a little tired of things quicker, I guess.

So in all this thinking and soul-searching, I thought about what would be my ideal photo shoot. I realized that it would need to be quick – I just really don’t love spending a ton of time on something. If you’ve ever had a session with me – you know I shoot fast, we’re moving from place to place and it’s fun and never boring. That’s what I want from photography – from MY art. I may not have the depth and the patience that other artists have, but I will have spontaneity and more time to do other things.

Which lead me to the project I’m embarking on. ONE HOUR PHOTO. It’s still kind of a work in progress, but the gist is this – I have to have ONE photo that I create in ONE hour. I liked this idea because I always seem to work best under a deadline, like most other photographers I know, I am a supreme procrastinator. So I need to come up with the concept, style and shoot the session in an hour. I was going to include editing in Photoshop but when I ran my idea past a friend – she just raised an eyebrow at me and said that she hoped I could drive fast. Point taken, so for now I’m not including editing in my time total. We’ll see if I get faster or slower as this project progresses, and if I can add in Photoshop to the total time.

So here’s my first stab at my project:
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Here are all the deets: I started at 4:00pm on Sunday and grabbed my backdrop stand, some wraps and a muslin backdrop. I headed to the garage to quickly do some figure studies of my girls. Right now Emma has got muscles I could never even dream of and I’ve been wanting to photograph her in the worst way. Charlotte is a scrawny little thing that is such a crazy juxtaposition to her sister that I thought it would be a great and quick idea.

WRONG! First of all, the garage was the worst place to do this. The light was great but my girls were crazy distracted by the kids outside playing. Secondly, it’s extremely hard to make children work fast. I could hear a note of panic in my voice as the time started to tick away. I set up, dressed them and fired off about 30 shots within the hour. 47 minutes to be exact. I thought one hour would be a ton of time, but it’s not an hour of shooting, more like 20 minutes. Which isn’t a ton of time to get what’s in your head out and into your camera. Thirdly, my kids have entered a modest stage and were incredibly uncomfortable with what they were wearing. (bathing suits under fabric wraps)

So I didn’t really get the shots I imagined. I have too many ideas and they all bump around in my head kind of frantically. But I did get a few that were interesting to me, and I’m super glad I did this. It was only an hour of my time and I learned a lot for next time. (BE CALM!) I’m excited to do more of these, to be more adventurous in my ideas, locations, styling and models. But for the first few – you’ll probably be seeing my girls and some very simple ideas. I want to do this every week, but remembering that I am VERY VERY LAZY you should not expect this whatsoever.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. I’d also be excited if any other lazybones want to join me in this and see what you can create in under an hour.

And just because I can’t help myself, here are a couple of the outtake shots that I like but just weren’t quite “the one”.

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  • Erika Blunt - That is a GORGEOUS photo of your girls Brandy! They are so beautiful! I think I would last about 10 minutes trying to photograph my kids (if I tried to set it up). I’d just end up getting mad because they are so uncooperative LOL

  • Shannon - I love how your ‘outtakes’ are some of the best images I’ve ever seen!!

  • Sarah - WOW! So unbelievably gorgeous!!!

  • Jennifer Gilbert - This is a very interesting concept. I like this idea for my own kids because I feel like I haven’t been taking enough pictures of them this year. And, as much as I love my kids, I really only want one or two pictures of them.

    I’m gonna try this through the summer. I am lazy too, but I’m gonna make an effort!

  • Lora Carr - And I thought I was the only self-described ADD photographer…great idea and would love to join in on the frenzy (I mean fun!)

  • Jenna - Beautiful pics!

  • Carrie Hill - These are stunning! I’m inspired to try to do this with my own children as well…my nearly five year old son is completely camera averse lately, so the only time I can capture him in my camera is when he’s engaged in something that he loves, and even then, I only manage a few shots that I like. I’ve been thinking through the design for our holiday card shoot this year (early, I know) and dreading it because of this latest development. Perhaps we’ll stage that as a one hour photo and see what we can get! Worth a try. Thanks for sharing.

  • amanda padgham - *gasp* these are amazing as always! Love this idea- esp bc I am just like you (ie.. ADD lol)!!!! Love and miss u! xoxox

  • nina pomeroy - Your post is very timely for me as I’m feeling the same way. I’m IN! I too need to get more photos of the people and things that mean the most to me. Love what you captured and posted here!

  • Lindi - Hi I am a photgrapher in Australia and I have just come accross your site. Love your work and I think these images of your daughters are just beautiful. They have a timeless feel about them. Thanks for wahring them. xox

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