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One Great Thing

I was recently talking to another mom about how sometimes we do our kids a bit of a disservice. For example, when we recently went on our cruise, we got lots of compliments on the girls. Especially at dinner, people told us how wonderful Emma was and how nicely she behaved. And what did I reply?
“Oh, you didn’t see her when . . . ”

Sound familiar? Sometimes as women, I think we find it really hard to take a compliment, and for whatever reason, it can extend to our children as well. I don’t ever mean to put my kids down to other people, but by dismissing their good behavior and focusing on the bad, isn’t that essentially what I’m doing?

So instead of worrying about the negative, this week we’re going to focus on what makes our kids GREAT. There are lots of things, and it doesn’t have to be something huge. It can be small but meaningful, and makes that child absolutely wonderful. I’d really love to hear what other moms love about their own little ones, and for every single person that emails me at and tells me One Great Thing – they will receive a $50 credit for Fresh Sugar. I’ll be posting the comments on the blog on Friday, so you have until Thursday night to send yours in.

For my out of town readers, I’d love it if you would comment below with your One Great Thing. This week we are all going to celebrate how truly amazing our kids are.

Here are mine:


Emma is quite the little diplomat. She feels things so deeply, and never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. She thinks the “F” word is fat and you couldn’t get her to choose a favorite even if you asked her who she liked better – Mommy or the mailman, lol. She is such a thoughtful, caring child.


Charlotte loves to try new things. She is always eager to explore and immerse herself into different situations. She’s spunky and full of life and energy and sees things in a way that makes it fun for the whole family to react to her.

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  • jen wilson - Brandy!

    You are so cute! I love that you are doing this – and I totally know what you mean – it an be easy to *take for granted* all the good things our babies do. My 3 year old daughter has an adventurous little spirit, not an ounce of shyness in her whole body and will hand crying kids her treasured teddies to help them *feel better* (she DOES keep a watchful eye to make sure they come back to her!). My 5 year old son is a wild and crazy kid on the outside, but soooo tender-hearted and caring – and he THINKS about things and wants to make a differnce – it is so sweet. Peek at my blog to see his latest thing – letter-writing to soldiers….

    (sorry for the longest blog-comment ever!)

  • Stacy - ha ha Brandy that is awesome! My kids think the F word is fart…I told them it was a bad word and they are now 8 & 9 and they know that it isn’t but they can’t say that…lol
    Excellent contest hun

  • June - So sweet and so important. Thanks for sharing!

  • June - Oops, here’s a bit about the loves of my life–my seven year old has a heart of gold and is intelligent, gorgeous, and artistic. My three year old is as quick and clever with a mischievous smile and is all about action and “doing”. They are so different, yet oh so special. Thanks for the chance to brag!

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