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‘No One Is Chasing Me’ or ‘Why Do I Smell So Bad?’

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I used to say that the only way that you could find me running was if someone was chasing me. Two years ago, I inexplicably decided to start. I was probably trying to impress someone. I had heard a lot of great things about the Couch to 5K program, and I was definitely starting on the couch. Or the floor. Or bed. Whichever is the laziest.

I spent 8 weeks doing the program, and by the end I was running for 30 minutes straight, with no stopping. It’s such a great program, it helps you build up your endurance slowly, alternating between walking and running. It’s especially helpful for girls, because we can’t run for long periods right off the bat like men can.

Unfortunately, I put my neck out shortly thereafter, and quit running altogether. Life happened, and I decided it wasn’t a priority anymore, that it took up too much time. Even though it made me feel great after, it was always a struggle to get to the gym, and running outside in Calgary can be tricky.

I’ve picked it up a few times since then, but never with much enthusiasm or intensity. So, I’m trying again. It’s NOT a New Year’s Resolution because I started a few days before 2012, lol. The program is called Ease Into 5K now, and you can download a handy app for your iPhone. I also use Nike+, a little sensor for my shoe that downloads my runs onto the Nike+ website. I need this kind of stuff to stay accountable. I bought a treadmill so I now really have no excuse not to run.

I also feel like a good playlist is important for running. It makes it tons more fun, and half the time I think I’m more looking forward to having alone time to listen to music than the actual exercise. I like stuff with a good beat, but what really helps me run is angry music. I’m a total weirdo, because the angrier I feel, the easier it is for me to run. I’m sure I’m a sight to behold. I sweat terribly when I’m NOT exercising, so imagine a sweaty, pigtailed girl in short shorts and tube socks, running on her treadmill in the basement, glaring at the wall. That’s me!

I’m on week three of the program and it’s going well. Not super easy but not super hard, so hopefully I can keep up with it.
I would love to hear recommendations for running music or any running tips you may have, leave me a comment to tell me your faves!

Here are the links to:

My Running Playlist

Ease Into 5K

Nike+ App

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  • dena robles - Yay! Preach it. I loved C25K and then the 10K bridge app…and I thought I was going to DIE on the first day–running 90 seconds. Now I am working on 25K. I never would have believed it myself. 🙂 Keep it up, the rewards are great.

  • Helene Laroche - Some French music ? Try Ariane Moffat : Reverbere AND Brigitte Boisjoli : Fruits Defendus

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