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Newborn Boys are EVERYWHERE!

Ok, holy moly. I don’t know what was in the water 9 months ago, but there are a bajillion baby boys around these days!
I haven’t seen a little girl in ages, but that’s ok – I love these little men!

Have I mentioned how much I love this family? I know I say that about lots of families, but what can I say? I get the most awesome families in Calgary!

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PS – I have a very cool announcement tomorrow night, come back at 6pm to check it out!

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  • Danna - awwwww he is so so sweet! love his bright little eyes.

  • Carla - Beautiful photos. He is so sweet! Very peaceful looking!

  • Alisa - So adorable. I love his smile in the third image. And big sister is a cutie, too!

  • Kristie M Meyer - Love the one with the blue blanket. He is such a sweetie!

  • Jo-Ann - What beautiful photos of your beautiful babies! I cannot wait to see them at Christmas and to hold them close.

  • Jo-Ann - What beautiful photos of your beautiful babies! I can’t wait to see them and hold them at Christmas!

  • Nana & Papa Riche - Two adorable grandkids. Can’t wait to hold them close to my heart in a couple of weeks and give them tons of hugs and XXOO’s. Love you.

  • Renee - They are both just too cute!!! xo

  • Becca - These are the most beautiful babies! I miss them and their mommy very much. Lovely photos, too bad I’m in TO or I would bring Emmylou in lickety split!

  • Aunt Emma & uncle stan - Two of the most beautiful children on earth can’t wait to see them love & kisses

  • Grandma - You have captured a moment in time that is truly beautiful. They are incredible babies. Love you guys, Grandma

  • Patti - Oh my….what can I say….sweetness!!! Wish I could give them hugs! Enjoy the holidays with those two little angels!

  • Charmaine Warren - Two precious angels, remember to enjoy every moment with them, time is precious. Can’t wait to see them at Christmas.Hugs & Kisses.
    Lots of Love, Craig & Charmaine.

  • Carol Reynolds - Carol— The photos are just beautiful. I especially like the ones of him sleeping. They are both adorable children and you are very lucky parents. I hope I can get to see them when you are home at Christmas.

  • Carol Reynolds - The photos are just beautiful. I especially liked the ones of Jack sleeping. You are very lucky parents to have two such gorgeous children. Hope all is well.

  • Liza - All four pictures are too cute for words. I hope you have a wonderful time with everyone over the holidays. I really hope I can come visit soon 🙂

  • Liza - All four pictures are too cute for words. I hope you have a wonderful time with everyone over the holidays. I really hope I can come visit soon 🙂

  • Liza - Oops I sent my post twice. Sorry!!!

  • Laura Hynes - Gorgeous pictures!!!! He is absolutely beautiful and Izzy looks delighted to have a baby brother! Can’t wait to see you all over the holidays!!

  • Laura Hynes - I forgot to say, my fav pics are the first one of Jack where his gorgeous eyes are opened and the one of him and Izzy….I can’t wait to meet him at Christmas. Take care!!

  • Papa - Papa’s Prince and Princess — beautiful grandchildren — who could ask for anything more!! See you darlings soon. Lots of Love.

  • k. charles - Brandy, once again you have done a great job of capturing wonderful images of those two beautiful grandchildren of mine. I am counting the days until we can spend some time together with them and their mom and dad at christmas. love & best wishes to all ,Pop/dad

  • Aunt Kim - Love the pictures, beautiful children from beautiful parents. Wish we were closer and I could baby sit for you just like I baby sat you, only this time with a bit more experience (LOL). All the best to you both with much love from Aunt Kim, Uncle Chris, Mitchell & Josh. Oh and Great Gramma says to tell you she loves you and that your children are precious.

  • Glenn Charles - These are the nicest pictures of beautiful children-nephew Jack and niece Izzie. Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year. Love Glenn and Marianna Charles

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