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There are a million reasons why I love what I do, and this is #547. This little cutie is my friend Yolanda’s new baby girl. Yo and I used to work together at CMT, what seems to be a million years ago, but I guess was only 7. Thanks to the powers of Facebook, we reconnected and I got the pleasure of taking photos of her new little one and meeting her new husband Dave, and seeing her daughter Tay looking gorgeous and GROWN UP! It was a great day, and I am so happy the document this new stage in their lives.

On the topic of new, there are going to be a lot of new changes for Fresh Sugar in 2008. A new look, new products and new pricing. The new pricing starts February 1st, but if you book before January 31st you will receive current prices. That means you can book a session for May, and still have 2007 prices. If you want a session soon, please email me as I have only one session left for January!

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