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New Music : Lenka

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Back at the end of October, beginning of November I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and there was the most beautiful, catchy song at the end. I used Shazam on my iPhone to discover the artist, and within minutes I had downloaded the entire CD. I swear, the whole album has not left my playlist for 3 straight months. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. The album is funny, sometimes haunting, sometimes sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs catchy. I am thrilled to say that I’m now able to have the title track “The Show” featured on my site. Please take a listen, it’s song #2, and then after, when you love it so much, please visit her website and then go and buy the CD. I try not to force too many things on you, but she’s so awesome that I must insist. Ok, go listen now.

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  • Jim Larkin - I just bought it on iTunes. Good call.

  • chantelle - oh my goodness how strange is this!!!! I am reading your post, looking at that pic thinking i do remember years and years ago when I used to dance, this gorgeous girl who was a natural born star, that was in several performances that I was in…….whose name I recal to be Lenka, its an unusual name so it kinda stuck……and OMG yes it’s her!!!!!!!!!!!! bloody hell, isn’t the internet wierd and freaky!!!! I jsut listened to her music and i LOVE it! I will be downloading it now! Sooo freaky hey! Thanks for posting this Brandy!

  • Brandy - Chantelle, that is SO cool! Are you going to try to reconnect with her?

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