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I was invited into the home of this brand new family to Calgary. Just getting settled in, and along comes a new baby! This little sweetheart though had the most good-natured disposition I may have seen on any newborn that I’ve photographed. Her brother (being a boy) was definitely not quiet, and definitely not still. Yet she slept. And slept. And slept. I hope for Mom & Dad’s sakes that it keeps up for a very long time! The cutest part about the whole thing is the little frown that creased her brow through most of the session. A complete sweetie!
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  • Jennifer - They are both adorable!

  • Lisa Kelly - Oh my she is just so sweet and adorable. That image of big brother, now that is priceless. I love it.

  • Shannon Cunningham - Super duper cute!

  • Joy - guh, so adorable! I can’t wait to get some more baby shoots. I love these captures 🙂

  • Snappy Mom - You are a talented photographer. These shots are precious.

  • Carmen - Love them! The last one especially. What perfect little lips.

  • Angela - these are so beautiful! Amazing shots!

  • Marmalade - So cute! Love those brown eyes on big brother. Beautiful work Brandy.

  • Anna-Karin - Lovely portraits!
    Love the relaxed babygirl to spunky big brother. Wonderful joyous images!

  • Michelle Haley - I LOVE newborn baby lips….so sweet. You did a wonderful job with these as always!

  • Terrilyn - Oh how cute!! Great captures all around. That shot of big brother is just incredible!

  • Samara - Beautiful shots, I just love the baby’s sweet perfect lips. Brother totally cracks me up!

  • Carrie Steffe - Beautiful but those lips just melted my heart!

  • sheila - Love that last one! So precious!

  • Brandi - OhMyGosh, the last photo is breathtaking!

  • jen - Aww – she is such a cute baby and I LOVE his huge grin in photo #2!

  • Danna - oh how sweet….love the smooshy lips, and that second shot is awesome, it made me smile.

  • Dawn - Love the second one SO much. The last oneis so perfect, sweet sweet baby.

  • marie - oh the lips…perfect…

  • Tera - Those newborn images are just melt-your-heart adorable! And love the fun one of big brother too!

  • dsr - Love these, but really like that 2nd pic of the big brother!

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