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My kids are oddities.

This is Emma’s dinner from tonight. I love that she is always willing to try new foods and has eclectic tastes. Tonight’s meal is no exception. On one side of the plate you have delicious East Indian cuisine – a family favorite – butter chicken. And on the other side of the plate there’s delicacies from the Far East – sushi! She has a bit of butter chicken, then a salmon skin roll. Then more butter chicken, then some kappa. I’m thinking she has an iron gut.

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Then you have Charlotte. We’re in the Gap the other day buying Emma some school clothes. Charlotte spies a headless mannequin “woman” sitting on a display and sits next to her. Pats her knee. Calls her Mommy. Seriously. Puts some bracelets on her wrists. So then I tell her it’s time to go, and she gets up and waves to the mannequin while saying “Bye Bye Mommy!”. We walk a few feet, and then Charlotte RUNS back to her mannequin mommy and clings on for dear life. We have to pry her hands off mann-mom and she screams and cries all the way out of the store. True story.

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  • brianne - This is too funny! My 2 year old LOVES sushi (not the raw stuff) and her fave is thai food! Kids are pure entertainment 🙂

  • Jess VanLue - Mmmm … I’ll have some, too, please. Looks great!

  • Anna-Karin - Mmmmmmmm send me some of that sushi please!
    I love that your kids are willing to eat these kind of foods, my kids are the pickiest eaters on this planet.

  • Jenna Slomp - Wow I am so impressed by what your kids eat! That is awesome! Your kids are the cutest… I love these stories you share.

  • Danna - omg you have me rolling on the floor here…char is so so funny!! wish i had been there to see that!!!

  • Mandi - The first story put a smile on my face – I can relate. The second story had me in stitches. Your little girls sound like adorable little characters!!

  • Dawn - Oh wow, how cute is that! Bye bye mommy. ha

  • - Kids like Emma are uber-cool!!! I love it!

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