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My Apple’s Jacked.

So two weeks after getting it back, my computer got fried again. It’s back at the “authorized service technician”, who is actually super nice – even if I never want to see him again. Now, if I were you, I would probably tell me to get a new computer, obviously my old hunk of junk isn’t cutting it. Except this computer that keeps crashing and dying is only 6 months old. I also got it completely tricked out, and it was top of the line. Macs are not supposed to have these problems, and as my Mac tech-guy tells me, “sometimes bad things just happen”. Yes, but twice in one month?

I’m waiting to hear back how long it will take, I am still playing catch-up from the last crash, so I may have to find out a way to work without ol’ Big Mac.

I just got off the phone with Paul from Bexx Systems (the computer place) and I guess the hard drive is fried. So brand new hard drive for me, yippee! Ok, that was a bit of false enthusiasm, but at least it’s going to be fixed. The downside is that it will probably take about a week before I get my machine back.
I can work on my MacBook Pro though, so I’ll try to continue on with editing sessions as much as I can. Bad for me, and I guess bad for you in return is that I’ll need to start from scratch, so it’s going to be slow going. To the girls from the Saskatoon Farm, I’m so sorry – they will be done as soon as I can get caught up. Thanks for your patience!

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