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Mother’s Day is on Sunday!

grandma and emma

If your husband is trying to figure out a last-minute gift for Mother’s Day (like my very own husband) – why not direct him to this blog post? Fresh Sugar gift certificates are available in any denomination, and can be sent electronically and instantly! My own mom, pictured above with my daughter Emma, will definitely be getting something of the photo variety. Personally, I would LOVE to get a photo session with my girls for Mother’s Day – as like many other moms, I am always BEHIND the camera and hardly have any pictures of me with Emma and Charlotte. Not only is it a gift for the mom – but a great memento for the kids as well.

As for my own Mother’s Day? I’ll be starting out at 3am to get to the airport in time for my 6am flight with the whole family. Bahamas, here we come! More on that tomorrow. 🙂

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  • Deanna - I agree with you totally…a gift certificate would be the perfect idea!..its so great to finally see your mom Brandy! and of course..always fun to see E too!

  • Anna Mayer - Perfect idea! I am SURE their are husbands still on the lookout for that perfect gift and here it is!

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