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Max’s Baby Birth Announcements

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I think you might have heard that we had a baby. I mention him here and there and I fully realize that I have yet to post his newborn photos on the blog, even though he is almost six months old! As I try to be a more prolific blogger I will be posting more and more. I admit that I head to Instagram first, so if you ever want a peek into the goings on in the Fresh Sugar world, take a look there first:

In the last ten years of business, I’ve created a LOT of birth announcements for clients. (Have I mentioned this is year 10 of Fresh Sugar Photography and that there are tons of exciting things coming up? No? Well, that will be another blog post. Soon.) So many birth announcements that I almost felt like I had seen it all. So much like when teachers are trying to name a baby –

“Name him Chad? Chad picked his nose and ate it! Name her Lucy? Lucy peed her pants every day!”

I identified all birth announcements with babies I already knew. So we decided that Max needed a custom announcement, and where else to look but Etsy?

Once we decided we wanted letterpress, we were easily able to find our designer – we loved all of her work, it was quirky and cute and exactly what we wanted! You can check out our announcement and more of her designs here on Etsy. Our designer was able to include so many little details of things we love – scooters, books, photography, etc. Even the fact that Max is half-Canadian half-American!

We wanted to include a photo too (of course) so I press-printed them so they were on thick card stock instead of photo paper. The final touch? Custom stamps from Canada Post!

We were so happy with the end result – I need to win the lottery so I can have letterpress everything now!

custom birth announcements calgaryPin Itcustom birth announcements calgaryPin Itcustom birth announcements calgaryPin Itcustom birth announcements calgaryPin Itcustom birth announcements calgaryPin It
custom birth announcements calgaryPin It

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