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I’ve said it plenty of times, and I will probably say it plenty more. I love love love my job. I really, really love it when I get to have sessions with the 6-8 month’ers. It’s my absolute favorite age, hands down. These little people have such big personalities and I get to have such great fun with them. Roman (again with a great name! Calgary is rockin’ those names lately) was so handsome and attentive, I mean, who doesn’t love it when a guy drools over them? LOL! It was a great session, and a fun family. Oh, and close! They only lived a few blocks away from me, how cool is that?

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  • Jessica Gabriel - Pics are great – and good luck with your intention to post every day this week! So far so Great! Can’t wait to see what else you put on!

  • Patti - He’s adorable! Such sweet captures…

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