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Lighting! We Picked our Lighting!

Oh happy day! We finally chose all of our lighting for the entire house! Thank you to all that chimed in with ideas and help – they were so very much appreciated!

Here is a snippet of what we chose, we are very excited and can’t wait to see everything in our new home!

Great room. This one gave us the most trouble if you recall. So many ideas, all oooooooover the place. I saw this one online and fell in love.
great room lightingPin It

Dining room.
dining room lightingPin It

Front entry.
front entry dining lightingPin It

front entry dining lightingPin It

Tv room and basement.
tv room and basement lightingPin It

Kitchen island. (two of these)
kitchen island lightingPin It

My office.
office lightingPin It

Master bedroom.
bedroom lightingPin It

Master bathroom.
bathroom lightingPin It

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