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Let’s Do List

After spending two days trying to set up a “universal” remote and trying (and failing) to book hotel room for Sundance, I’m feeling frustrated and decidedly NOT relaxed. Every holiday season I think I’m going to take time off, spend time with friends and family and just live the life. And every holiday season there are presents to buy, toys to put together, parties to throw and attend, baking to do – PLUS all of my regular work that I put off until I have time off, like website updates, blogging, marketing plans, etc.

Now after writing that and wasting two days with nothing to show for it, I want to cry. So I thought it was time to implement the opposite of a to-do list, and I’m calling it the LET’S DO list. It’s just a nice, non-threatening suggestion of things I’d like to do. I’m going to try to do as many as I can over the next week of holidays just because I really need to some down time, and if I’m going to flitter my days away, I don’t want to do things that drive me nuts. (I’m looking at you, REMOTE CONTROL). My list is just things that I find fun and/or relaxing and there is not a single thing on there that I must do. YAY! I like the idea because this is also the time of resolutions, things NOT to do. I’m tired of bossing myself around so much.

So in no particular order, my LET’S DO list:

Finish infinity scarf (no idea why this isn’t done, it’s like 96% completed)
Work on blog design (yup, I find this incredibly fun)
Read 2 books (Goodreads told me that I only read 17 books in 2013 and it made me sad)
Watercolor (I took my class, bought a ton of books and supplies, then never did it again)
See American Hustle (I don’t think I have to explain this one)
Kardashian marathon (I don’t WANT to explain this one)
Practice drawing (another day, another interest)
Make lemon cookies (these are my favorites but nobody else’s favorite so they hardly ever get made)
Take some photos of the girls (this is one that might get over-looking because while I love it, it might just be too much work for the LET’S DO list)
Take the girls to see the Zoolights (when I’ve decided that I’m not freezing)
Play Settlers of Catan (and also LEARN how to play Settlers of Catan)

If you had a fun list of things you would love to do, what would be on it? I’d love to hear!


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