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Lawsie Mercy!

That’s what my favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman would say about the cuteness of these two kids.
When older siblings are involved in a newborn session, I usually tell Mom & Dad not to get their hopes up for THE perfect sibling shot, because that usually doesn’t come at this point in time.
Big brother or sister is usually not in the most cooperative mood at the session all about this new person that IS NOT THEM! Go figure. LOL

But “Sassa” as she likes to call herself, was the best big sister I’ve ever seen. She loves her new little sister, and wanted to hold her all darn day. And not in a pinchy, headlocky kind of hold, but a gentle, loving, careful kind of embrace. It was cuteness personified. Of course little sis was no slouch in the cute dept. Dark, dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes – she’s a knockout for sure.

It’s been such a pleasure to get to know all of you, thanks so much for having me over again.

Calgary newborn photography

Calgary newborn photography

Calgary newborn photography

Calgary newborn photography

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  • caitlin domanico - Man, these are all cute but the first one steals the show:)

  • Amie Steele - These are just precious!! The baby is gorgeous and the sibling shot is priceless:)

  • Lisa - Oh my~ Just perfection. I love that little smile you captured on the last one.

    Those are just beautiful!

  • kathy wolfe - big sister looks so proud!! love the little smile you caught in the last one – sooo precious… love these!!!!

  • corey civetta - Gorgeous work! I absolutely LOVE the first one. You can just see the gentleness and the love she has for her little sis.

  • Kimberly Hill - The sisters shot is a winner! I love the “this is MY baby” look and how she’s holding her sweet baby sister so closely and tenderly. It’s a moment Mom & Dad will treasure. And how precious is the little one all comfy cosy in the soft fur with her tiny smile?!?

  • chantelle - so cute!!!!!! i’m loving the fist shot, what a proud big sis!

  • Susan - oooh the big sisters eyes! what a cutie and how proud does she look to be a big sister!
    Love that black and white too, fabulous work brandy!

  • allie - BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous baby, big sister is adorable- so precious.

  • Patti - Pure sweetness. Love the sisters together!

  • Jenna - Awww so cute! I love the smile one!!!!!

  • June - Gorgeous. Love big sister’s expression in the first, and of course the newborn shots are perfection.

  • ritz rivera - Awww, too cute how she is holding tightly to her little sister. love 3 & 4, that little smile is so precious.

  • Julie - These are beautiful…especially that first one – her little expression is so happy and proud of that new baby! Gorgeous

  • marie - loooove that first shot..what cute kids!

  • Alicia - That black & white is sheer perfection!! And the sibling image? Oh my goodness how sweet!!!! The parents must have been thrilled!

  • Julie - aww, love big sis and the way she holds little sister.

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