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Just Keep Swimming

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We are currently living under a mountain of paperwork. We are an embodiment of the phrase “when it rains it pours”.

Because just having a baby isn’t enough, we are also building a custom home. Because building a custom home isn’t enough, we are also applying for Josh’s permanent resident status. Because applying for permanent residency isn’t enough, we are also planning a big bash in Las Vegas for my 40th birthday. Because turning 40 isn’t enough, it’s also my 10th year in business. In between all of that, we are raising two girls who are in theatre, swimming and skiing, trying to start packing up our current home, send out birth announcements and thank you cards, take newborn photos of Max, visiting the lactation consultant every week and I’m back to booking sessions. Oh, and I have a new idea for a business/blog, I’m trying to learn calligraphy and I’m doing a 30 book/year challenge!


It’s a wonder that I haven’t gone into hiding! Somehow though, we are making a dent in all that we have to do. I have a to-do list a mile long, and I try to tick as many things off as I can each day. Josh is amazing – together we are able to support each other and do the tasks that the other hates or aren’t able to do. For me it’s calling the doctor, driving, cooking, grocery shopping, changing diapers. For him it’s making hair appointments, filling out his immigration paperwork, paying bills, writing emails, feeding the baby.

Dory’s “just keep swimming” gets said a lot around here. And we watch Friday Night Lights every night and I diffuse lavender oil in the bedroom. Probably all placebo effects but still effective. We are making our dents, and they get bigger each day!

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