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Jesh De Rox . . . well . . . kinda rocks.

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Edmonton Jesh De Rox workshop. I met some wicked cool Alberta photographers and one awesomely talented Torontonian. Is that what they are called? I found myself being moved without meaning to, inspired by things totally unexpected, and came home to a family that I feel like I love even more than when I left. Jesh has the power to make every person see the ultimate preciousness in themselves, and in others. If you haven’t heard of him, get your butt over to his site and see some of the most influential photography in the world right now.

Our special guest was John Michael Cooper, a Las Vegas wedding photographer that crosses every imaginable boundary in his work, and creates brilliant, controversial, beautiful imagery. He’s also a wicked cool guy, who was tons of fun and was VERY inspiring to me – I have a few personal projects in the works and got some valuable advice from John during my personal mentoring session.

I don’t have tons of photos to share, even though it was a photography workshop – it was really more about people and relationships. Take a look at what I do have though:

A portrait of my very good friend Dana Pugh from Short and Sweet Photography, whom I love even though Zack Braff in on her “list”:

Dana Pugh

One of our assignments was a self-portrait, this was me in West Ed, trying to get to Galaxyland before it closed – thereby dropping my poor cone on the ground. Ben and Jerry were nice enough to give me another scoop for free though.


Jesh has some amazing clients, and we were fortunate enough to have 2 of them come in to talk with us, and then let us each spend 5 minutes with them to get some images.



And finally, our last assignment was to get a portrait of John, which was intimidating for me, but a pretty cool experience. He’s actually a fantastic subject, whereas a lot of photographers feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera.

John Michael Cooper

John Michael Cooper

It was a week that I could never explain properly, but will never forget – and I’m so blessed to have met Jesh, John, the workshop attendees, and the fabulous, fantastic Theresa – who I truly miss and wish lived closer to me.

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  • Dana Pugh - I can’t believe you put that picture up there! Oh well, it’s better than the one you put on FACEBOOK!!! Jesh totally rocks my socks, but Zach Braff will forever be on my ‘list’… 😉 Your pictures from the week are awesome, of course 😉

  • marie cox - i love the couple shot with the close crop…very cool

  • Dawn - Very cool. That last one of John is fantastic. All of them are though.

    This is priceless….
    “and came home to a family that I feel like I love even more than when I left”

  • kathy wolfe - these are the cooooolest! i’m so jealous.

  • Melissa E Earle - I was supposed to go to this workshop! I nearly cried when my schedule got all crammed up I had to call and cancel! It was so dissapointing, glad you went I wish I could hear all about it!
    -Melissa E Earle

  • Joyce - Fantastic, Brandy! I am so jealous that JMC was there!

  • Julie - Sounds like an awesome experience! I totally LOVE both Jesh and John’s work!

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