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It’s Movember

This was the perfect blog post to do a little shout-out about Movember. It’s all about moustaches this month, baby! It’s a great cause and such a unique campaign.

I don’t even know how to write about this session. I love this family like we have been friends forever. They are just cool, and funny, and gorgeous. (My office manager Tara was at this session and has a little crush on Dad. Shhh!)

Their daughter was born incredibly premature and beat so many odds. She is such a wonderful little girl, bright and funny and loving. She ran up and took my hand right away, even though I haven’t seen her for a couple of years.
And the little guy? Um hello, best expressions ever! Happy and ohmygoodness that HAIR! I could gush on and on and on about these guys, but I will let the images do the talking now.

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See? Told you. Funny and awesome.

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I don't know if it's been the long hours I've been working or just how sweet this family is, but I totally teared up when I saw this image. It's one of my favorite family photos EVER.

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I love it. Like a little vampire ringmaster.

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I think this is called serendipity.

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Um, hahahahahaha! Look at that face! You've just got to feel sorry for little brothers sometimes.

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This post is featured on Fresh Sugar’s Best of Calgary Family Photography page!

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  • Danna - These all totally rock! What a fun family.

  • Lesley Hutchins - Love the props that you used. They make these photos so special.

  • Gabi - Brandi I am sure your assistant is just thrilled with you right now! lol! I love the family shot of them looking at each other! ahwwwwww so cute….Beautiful images as usual!!!

  • Melissa Zimmermann - I love this post! I always love your family sessions! No wonder the kids are so cute — look at that beautiful mama!

  • Addie - So much fun! Love it!

  • Amber - What a beautiful family!

  • Jennifer Lee Photography - Gorgeous session! Loved them all!

  • Sarah Vaughan - Such a gorgeous family and beautiful shots of them!

  • Megan - I love this session! Silly and beautiful shots!

  • Jen - The pictures are truly fantastic. I LOVE the mustaches!! Such a great idea! And such a beautiful family.

  • Jen - Love these pictures — the mustaches are awesome!! Such a beautiful family.

  • Wendy - I’ve worked with “Dad” for many years! They are a great family to know. I keep telling Dad….”Wait until those gorgeous kids are teenagers……yikes!!”

  • Demetra - These photos are amazing. You really captured the essence of this family. And the props were a great idea!

  • Demetra - These photos are amazing. You really captured the essence of this family. The props were a great idea!

  • Amy - Beautiful Family!

  • tamsen - that family shot is awesome! love it!

  • Amber - What a fun session! Gorgeous family!!

  • Dale - Great photos! Cute family!

  • Debbie - I LOVE this family! What AWESOME pictures and I’m very impressed with the little boys’ smile as I happen to know his general disposition when a camera comes out. LOL!
    WELL DONE!!!

  • Jason - It must be easy to get beautiful pictures when you have such beautiful subjects! Awesome family pictures!!!

  • Stef - I LOVE the props! You guys are adorable! 🙂

  • Tina - so I’m totally biased as this is my sister and her fab family, but seriously….totally precious!!!!

  • Tina - This is one of my absolute favorite families of all time!! Each is beautiful and charming in their own unique way. Fabulous pictures taken of a fabulous family!!!

  • Joyce - Fantastic pictures! God bless you guys!

  • Joyce - Fantastic pictures! God bless you guys!

  • Heather - Those are fabulous! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Sue Matkovic - Great pics!! Beautiful!!

  • Lauretta - Great pictures. Love the mustaches!

  • Sheri - Lovely, Beautiful Family! Amazing pictures.

  • Shannon - Love, love, LOVE the moustaches on sticks! Such a cute shot.

  • Brian - Beautiful pictures!

  • Azure - Is this the same photographer that took the pictures of the them years ago in the yard? What another (great) session… You are truely talented…and Nancy, as usual, you guys look great! So many people must be jealous of your family!

  • Megan - So good!!

  • Kelly - I NEED that tshirt on the little boy! Any idea where it’s from? The pics are GREAT by the way 🙂

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