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Calgary Child Photographer iPhone

YAY! The iPhone finally hits Calgary stores today and I will be dragging my poor children down to Market Mall at an ungodly hour to wait in line for my new phone. My new WHITE phone!
I say new, because I currently have a lovely black iBrick sitting here on my desk. I was one of the impatient ones that needed to get an unlocked iPhone a few months ago, and was using it happily until I dropped it into a Las Vegas toilet. Aha, you might see where this is going – but no! It still worked quite well, except for the random message I would get that said “This accessory is not made to use with the iPhone”. Hee.

So all was well in iPhone-land until I hit the Bahamas, more specifically, the Atlantis resort. A bizarre and completely unexpected wave washed ashore, and into my bag. As I’m screaming for my husband to get my camera, I forgot about poor little phone and alas, it was in a few inches of water at the bottom of my purse.
BUT – it still worked! I did a smug little dance about how iPhones rock and Apple is the best and Blackberrys can kiss my Bahama Mama and went on my merry little way. Until later that night when the phone actually dried and ceased to work. Damn you beautiful crystal blue sea water. Damn youuuuuuuu!

So here I am, on July 11th, forced to wait in line for yet another phone. 3 months later. This iPhone thing is getting to be an expensive hobby.
iPhone 2.0 is not leaving the country though, apparently they like swimming in foreign waters a little too much.

And just because, here’s a little video of my own girls at our Wednesday Night Dance Party. Keep a watch on Charlotte and her wiggle. Should I be worried that she insists on climbing on chairs to shake her groove thang?

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  • caitlin domanico - Good luck with the phone:)

    The video is hysterical. I’m thinking they are climbing on chairs to see themselves in the TV reflection. hehe

  • Dana Pugh - girl…you are soooooo hilarious! Sending you good iPhone vibes. 😉

  • Julie - mmmmmm….iphone….

  • Dawn - oh my goodness…her little wiggle is too cute.

    Good luck on the iphone. I’ve resisted the urge to get one for a while now.

  • Danna - hehehehe I just watched it twice, then made Scott watch it…we are both still giggling at C’s wiggle.

  • Deanna - Luvin’ charolettes wiggle!!!!!!!!

    hey call me on that new Iphone! congrats!

  • Pammy - Congrats! I was in Washington when they came out–have to wait to get mine and I am getting a white one too!

  • Pammy - Forgot to add I dropped my first iphone in the toilet. I share your pain.

  • Tracy - hilarious! (the video and your story… well I’m sure it wasn’t so funny at the time, but you relay it well 🙂

    an iphone is in my future… just waiting for my current contract to expire.

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